"I decide when to restrain and when to kill. Only the best calls the shots."
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - White Noise Zofia Operator

Zofia Bosak is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation White Noise expansion. A Medium Armored Operator, Zofia has access to the KS79 LIFELINE, a double barrel launcher that can launch either impact grenades or concussion grenades. She is also Ela's older sister.[1]


Born in Wroclaw, Zofia Bosak is the oldest daughter of Jan Bosak, former commander of the Polish Special Forces Unit GROM. While attending her father's military high school, she was pressured to perform on every level – a burden her younger sister was not able to cope with.

During a school trip to the Masurian Lake District, Zofia was prey to a disturbing prank that almost cost her life. While she played in the lake, three boys from her class took turns trying to drown her, just for 'fun'. This violent experience marked her with a deep mistrust of others. The following week, she has to sit beside her assailants in class. To deal with her growing anxiety, she decided to push her training further, and ensure she could rely on her skills for protection. Her father agreed to show her more ruthless techniques, given she would never question his methods.

When Zofia hit legal age, she enlisted in the army. Among Zofia's most notable exploits is a rescue Operation in Guatemala, codenamed Red Agatha. A disastrous tropical storm formed a sinkhole in the middle of the city, swallowing an entire neighbourhood. Zofia was deployed to protect a team of scientists examining the perimeter. During a sudden landfall, she saved a child from disappearing into the abyss. To reward her ability to withstand hardships, Zofia received a medal and was promoted to Second Lieutenant.

Throughout her experiences, Zofia forged a second family overseas. to have more impact on the field, she learned to trust her squad mates with her life, reconsidering the cruel lesson from the incident at Lakeland. Far away from her father's brutal training, Zofia let down her walls, developing close ties for the first time. She met her now-husband during a rogue operation in Mali, where they both mistook each other for hostiles.

Challenged by her squad mates on the field, she discovered the true kind of specialist she wanted to become. At the peak of her career, she flew back to Poland for her wedding ceremony. The celebration was kept short, but Zofia quickly returned to Wroclaw for her maternity leave. Her arrival in Poland was soon followed by her father's sudden passing.

The birth of her daughter had a profound effect on Zofia, igniting her need to cocoon with her family – but Ela ignored her sister's attempts to reconcile.

Zofia returned to the GROM soon after hearing Ela would pass the selection. Except for her attempts to reconnect with her sister, Zofia kept her distance with everyone else. Her squadron noticed this change and wondered if her recent obsession with her father's pocket watch was a remnant of grief, or something more.

When Ela accepted the prestigious offer to join Team Rainbow, Zofia saw no reason to stay behind. Everything about the GROM now seemed to remind her of her father.

Three months later, Zofia became an official member of Team Rainbow.[2]

Psychological Profile

  • Underwent thorough examination, but remains inconclusive. Perhaps too experienced at falsifying test results.
  • Significant divide between the two sisters.
  • Their father had a key role in it. His obvious favoritism towards Zofia is well-known.
  • When asked about their relationship growing up, Zofia kept her answers curt and non-committal.
  • And yet, very protective of Ela.
  • Refuses to discuss her father's suicide.[3]

Gameplay Description

Zofia has seen a lot over the years, much like other aged veterans, and she proves that she has reached the paramount of mercy. Although trained in nonlethal combat, Zofia isn't beyond using much more aggressive tactics to get through hardship. Her use of the KS79 LIFELINE represents this, as she can either stun his foes or break through their ranks with just a couple of grenades.

As Zofia

  • Zofia's KS79 LIFELINE can fire impact grenades and proximity concussion grenades. She has 2 impact grenades and 4 concussion grenades and is able to switch between ammunition types on the fly.
  • Being proximity grenades, the concussion grenades will detonate if it lands near a Defender.
  • The grenades are superposed, thus the LIFELINE requires no reloading process between shots.
  • Zofia is resistant to the Concussion effects of Ela's Grzmot Mines and her own Concussion Grenades, allowing her to recover 50% faster than other Operators.
  • When Zofia is downed, she can choose to Withstand, allowing her to pick herself up but with only a single hit point.


  • Ela is also resistant to Concussion effects, allowing her to recover 50% faster like her sister.
  • Jäger's Magpies can take out Zofia's grenades if they haven't detonated yet.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Zofia icon


  • Impact Grenade x 2
  • Concussion Grenade x 4
"Double barrel launcher that can fire both concussion and impact grenades."
— In-game description

On the rare occasion Zofia was home alone with her younger sister, she would teach Ela some advanced non-lethal techniques and introduced her to concussion grenades. Those rogue lessons were their secret and represented Zofia’s shy attempts to help Ela, who was struggling during high school.

While her father’s training made Zofia most comfortable with hand-to-hand combat and precision shooting, she discovered in the GROM the true kind of specialist she wanted to be. Favoring aggressive strikes, she volunteered to test trial the KS79 LIFELINE, a double barrel grenade launcher originating from an Italian R&D program.

KS79 LIFELINE makes use of electronically triggered projectile technology that can fire both concussion and impact ammunition. Since multiple grenades are superposed in the gun barrel, reloading magazines are no longer necessary, resulting in unmatched efficiency. The concussion ammunition delivers a 170-decibel shockwave that impairs hearing and causes a dizzying effect. The impact ammunition bulldozes walls in an instant, so brace yourselves for an explosive assault.


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  • Killing Ela when playing as Zofia will award the "Sister Rivalry" bonus, adding 10 points to your score.

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