Yellow Knife
Yellow Knife
Location Alexandria
Date September 23, 2000
02:00 Hours
Objective Deactivate security
Bug downstairs phone
Get to extraction zone
Game Rainbow Six
Previous mission Operation: Razor Ice
Next mission Operation: Deep Magic

Yellow Knife is the eleventh mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.


After rescuing Catherine Winston from the hands of the Phoenix Group in the previous mission, Anne Lang is exposed as a Horizon Corporation double agent, resulting in a recon mission involving the planting of phone bugs in Lang's residence in Alexandria, Virginia to find out if Lang and John Brightling are conspiring to release the Ebola Brahma capsules. RAINBOW's mission is to infiltrate the house, deactivate the security system, and plant the bugs without being detected by patrols.


John Clark - I never trusted that woman. And Horizon is involved too - maybe even John Brightling himself. Until we know exactly who's on our side, I'm assuming personal control of this entire operation. Our cover story will be that Catherine died on board the Orca's Smile - that should buy us some time.

Catherine Winston - The bug doesn't just resemble Ebola Brahma - it is Ebola Brahma. It's a modified version of my cattle virus they're using. I figured it out the night I was kidnapped - the genetic sequences are virtually identical. I called Anne right away and told her that Phoenix must have a source inside Horizon. She told me not to contact anyone else, that she'd report to John and send a car for me. Thirty minutes later the brute squad was kicking down my door.


This is the first recon mission in the game, which means that all deadly force is not sanctioned and will result in a mission failure, even if patrols are not alerted in the process. There are not many patrols on the map, usually 5-6 at once. Making the phone-bugging process difficult is a patrol on the 2nd-floor hallway and balcony. He will quickly patrol this area, which means that you may need a bit of luck to bug the downstairs phone.

Mission orders Edit


Information provided by Dr. Winston has linked Anne Lang, the Presidential Science Advisor, to the Phoenix Group. By bugging Lang's home phone RAINBOW may gain valuable information about Phoenix's plans.

Lang lives in a walled estate outside Alexandria, Virginia. Armed guards patrol the grounds. The team must enter and leave the compound completely undetected for useful intelligence to be gathered.

You will be inserted over the wall at the back of Lang's property, and extracted from the same location.


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Walkthrough Edit

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission 11 - Operation - Yellow Knife04:50

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission 11 - Operation - Yellow Knife

RAINBOW Intelligence Edit

Brightling and Lang
YellowKnife intel
RAINBOW has uncovered evidence linking Anne Lang with a plan to release the Brahma pathogen into the general population. John Brightling, CEO of the Horizon Corporation, has also been implicated in the same plot. Background checks have revealed that Land and Brightling attended Cornell University at the same time during the late 1960's and were members of the same student organizations. It seems likely that they have been conspiring together as far back as the 1970's. Horizon Corporation is an ideal front for clandestine biological warfare experiments, and Lang has maneuvered herself into a position in the U.S. government that has allowed her to funnel research funds into Horizon and shield them from unwanted scrutiny.

The American arm of the Phoenix Group now appears to have been operating under the direction of John Brightling. Even Horizon's charity work with the inner-city homeless seems to have been front for kidnapping ring to acquire experimental subjects for testing the Brahma pathogen.

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