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Wood Light SuitEdit

This uniform is used for operations in forests and rural area where stealth is recommended. This woodland camo uniform consists of a lightweight Level IIa tactical vest, boots and Nomex/Kevlar gloves. The woodland uniforms are a personal favorite of Santiago Arnavisca.

Wood Medium SuitEdit

This woodland camo uniform consists of a Level II waist-length tactical vest capable of stopping up to 40. caliber pistol rounds and 9mm small arms fire, also includes boots and Nomex/Kevlar gloves. Usually used in European and North American operations.

Wood Heavy SuitEdit

This bulky woodland camo uniform is made of Level III body armor, camo boots and Nomex/Kevlar gloves. It is a little hotter and heavier than the other woodland camo uniforms, but has a lot more protection and is capable of stopping most small arms fire except those from the higher powered rifles.

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