Wild Arrow
Wild Arrow
Location Sydney
Date October 1, 2000
03:00 Hours
Objective Disable virus capsule
Game Rainbow Six
Next mission Operation: Mystic Tiger
Previous mission Operation: Black Star

Wild Arrow is the fifteenth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

Mission objective

The Phoenix Group has planted virus-release devices in the air circulation system in the athletes' village in Sydney. Your mission is to penetrate security at the village and disable these devices.


John Clark - Our interrogators have finished with Hendrickson. We got the locations of the devices out of him, but we're running out of time and we still don't know who's been compromised inside GS. We don't dare evacuate the village -- even that might be enough to trigger a release. That's why we're sending you in covertly.

Get your people in place and take out all the devices simultaneously. A lot of lives are riding on this one.

Anne Lang - Why? You want to know why? Ha hahahaha! Isn't it obvious? You don't treat the symptoms; you treat the disease. There's only one real solution to problem of pollution, and that's to get rid of all people.

Mission orders


Phoenix has planted virus bombs in the air circulation system of the athlete's village in Sydney. They are timed to go off just before the closing ceremonies of the games.

The bombs are tied together through the village's computerized climate control system. Disarming them is two-stage process. The central computer must be shut off first, and the individual bombs must be disabled within a 30-second window after. If this window of opportunity is missed, or the bombs are tempered with before the computer is shut down, they will activate, releasing their contents into the air.

Phoenix members masquerading as Global Security guards are patrolling the area. Alarm panels are scattered throughout the village underground. If the team's presence is detected and the alarm is raised, manual release of the virus will occur. Deadly force may be used against the guards if necessary for mission success.

Your team will be inserted into the sewers below the village.

RAINBOW Intelligence

Biological hazard delivery mechanism. RAINBOW recovered the blueprints for this device from the computer files of the Horizon Corporation. It consists of two containment vessels, a timing mechanism, and a high-frequency sonic vaporizer. When the timing mechanism is triggered, the contents of the vessels are released into the atmosphere as a fine mist. Once activated the device will run for thirty minutes before the vessels are exhausted. A single one of these devices could deliver enough of the Ebola Brahma pathogen to infect several hundred thousand individuals.




Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission 15 - Operation - Wild Arrow

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission 15 - Operation - Wild Arrow