"You never saw me coming. Don't feel so bad. Nobody ever sees me. I'm in everyone's blind spot."
Vigil Operator Video

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - White Noise Vigil Operator

Chul "Vigil" Kyung Hwa is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation White Noise expansion.[1]


Chul Kyung Hwa doesn't remember much of his childhood, only that his family was escaping across Asia as refugees? Or were they criminals? He remembers his older brother drowning during a river crossing. He remembers the safe house where they stayed trapped for over a month in near silence. He remembers their train ride when soldiers arrested two fellow defectors. He remembers his sick mother slowing them all down during the jungle crossing. He remembers leaving her behind as his father told him not to cry, not to make a noise and alert the armed patrols.

Throughout it all, everyone impressed upon Chul Kyung that anything he said or any strange behavior would get them caught... it was life or death. So he buried his emotions deep, lest he betray his parents and be responsible for their capture; he became a stone to the outside world.

Gaining asylum in South Korea, it was not the happy life they'd envisioned. The loss of his family proved too much for Chul Kyung's father, who committed suicide, leaving his son an orphan. Chul Kyung remained a stone, never showing emotion, never betraying his inner thoughts.

Chul Kyung was adopted into the Hwa family, who believed it best if he forget his past, which started by changing his full name to Chul Kyung Hwa. Chul Kyung was actively encouraged to forget his real name and he obliged. It was another form of camouflage. He grew up in a system of rules and codes of conduct, and they provided him with a reason to be stoic, to follow orders. He could hide behind the rules.

Chul Kyung wanted to give back to South Korea, the country that took him in, and he entered the ROK Navy, proving the exemplary sailor. He earned himself a berth in the ROKN UDT/SEALs, not only passing with distinction, but becoming such an exemplary operator in the course of his service that he was handpicked by the 707th Special Mission Battalion: White Tigers. He was diligent, methodical, and tenacious, albeit quiet. Naturally, his status as the child of defectors was not shared with his fellow soldiers to better give him a fair shot, but when South Korea was given an opportunity to send two operators into Rainbow, Chul Kyung was at the top of the list.


Psychological Profile

Chul Kyung carries the scars of his childhood, where the only safe haven from the uncertainty of escape was to hide deep inside himself and become a stone. While a highly effective and competent by-the-numbers operator, it's made him highly uncomfortable in social situations. He is anxious when it comes to his own body language and expressions, how others might interpret his actions. He feels exposed, an open book that betrays all his secrets. Chul Kyung is most comfortable wearing his ballistic mask, where he feels he can actually breathe and hide another layer of protection.

Gameplay Description

Vigil doesn't like it when he is surveilled, thus he uses his ERC-7 Video Disruptor to edit himself out of view of electronic devices. Although not invisible to the human eyes, Attackers shouldn't feel assured if they don't see him through drones or cameras, as he may be lurking from an undetectable blind spot.

As Vigil

  • Vigil's ERC-7 is a video disruptor. It makes it impossible for any Drones, along with surveillance cameras hijacked by Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb, to see him through the feed, making it difficult for attackers to spot a roaming Vigil.
  • The Video Disruptor has an effective range of 12 meters and takes a second before making Vigil fully invisible to the cams.
  • Any Camera Feed that is under the effects of the ERC-7 will have a unique interference border around the edge of the screen, indicating that Vigil is nearby. An affected Drone or camera will also emit a white light.
  • The ERC-7 works in a similar way as Caveira's Silent Step, having a limited duration and recharging overtime.


  • As an electronic gadget, Vigil is susceptible to the same disadvantages of the electronic devices.
  • IQ is able to detect him with her Electronics Detector while the ERC-7 is active.
  • Thatcher's EMP Grenades can temporarily disable his ERC-7.
  • Twitch can also disable the ERC-7 with her Shock Drone if it hits him, shutting it down and revealing his location.
  • Jackal is still able to detect his footprints, as the ERC-7 only protects him from camera feeds and nothing else.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Vigil icon

Electronic Rendering Cloak

"Vigil scans surrounding devices to wipe his image from cameras and drones."
— In-game description

Chul Kyung’s quiet lethality in the field allows him to rely on his Electronic Rendering Cloak (ERC-7) to remain undetected. The ERC-7 uses Diminished Reality technology to remove perceivable stimuli from its direct environment. Vigil carries a prototype in his backpack, which scans surrounding electronic devices and wipes his image from any cameras in view.


  • A 'vigil' is a period of staying awake during the time usually spent asleep. In a sense, Vigil's gadget keeps him 'awake' when he's cloaked against cameras.


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