I've played Rainbow Six Siege extensively over the weekend. I've played on PS4, and I've got to say.. it doesn't live up to the other games. I feel like it wasn't the game loyal fans wanted nor did it live up to the hype it was praised to be. There aren't a lot of tactical shooters anymore, but Ubisoft acted like they wanted to bring back the franchise. There is a TON of crap that brings it down (Online only game, offline situations suck, lack of OFFLINE TERRORIST HUNT, etc.) Although it was a fun game to play, I don't like how Ubi presented it and shoved it out for release.

Edit: Also, been adding showcases for all weapon lately. I'm really sorry about history clutter on weapon pages. I fail to see small mistakes I manage to miss, and I publish it while only seeing the error after said publishing. I'm really trying to not do that.