Welp, it looks like Rainbow six siege has just rised from the ashes of obscurity and into the lime light after grueling months of criticism that the game has suffered earlier in the year.

The first year roadmap is complete
YearOneRoadmap 227421

Year One Roadmap

^^ Yay it seems like everything is going well for rainbow six siege but when we heard about Ubisoft confirming a year two roadmap, honestly I and probably you guys didn't suspect them to add a whole other year of content admittedly I thought they would close shop on year 1.

Year 2 roadmap

Oh man another year of siege here we go again

But here's the big problem with 8 new operators and 4 new maps is how are they going to make these operators unique from the current year operators.

Also how on earth would they be able to make maps that will compliment every individual operator because the way that I am looking at it kinda makes me feel that Ubisoft is biting off more than they can chew.

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