This is the updated and other attachment idea thing and enjoy.

Recoil Control Stock

This is in it's own attachment slot and it's mechanics are simple, reduce vertical and horizontal recoil by 25% at the cost of 2 mobility points. The mindset is simple less recoil but move slower. This attachment is equipable on every weapon except pistols, machine pistols, all shotguns except M590A1, SASG-12, and SPAS-12, and all SMGs.

Folded Stock

Pretty much the opposite of the Recoil Control Stock. Reduced recoil by 25% but increases mobility by 3 points. Available on the UMP-45, 9x19VSN, M12, MP7, PARA-308, MK17 CQB, G36C, 556xi, and 552 Commando.

IRNV (Infared Night Vison) scope

A 2.5 magnifying scope with night vision capabilities while aiming the outer area around the scope is blurred. If this is added to the game somehow make the acog 4x zoom. Available to all non secondary weapons.

COMP Aimpoint

A 1.85x zoom scope for those who want zoom but want to still be effective at close quarters. Available to all weapons that aren't pistols.

Spring-Load Mag

Provides 20% faster reloads but at the cost of a ping sound going off when you do an empty reload. Only for secondary weapons.

Extended Mag

50% extra rounds in each magazine and more spare ammo at the cost of reduced mobility by 2 points. Available to all weapons except pistols.

Compact Mag

50% less ammo per mag but increased mobility by 2 points. Available to all weapons except pistols.

And that is all my attachment ideas I don't have anything else to say so put your own ideas in the comments and your opinions. Bye bye.

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