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Categorising Operators Based on Ability

Something I think that would best describe the Operators based on their skillset. For context, I'm categorising them on several factors and types:

Primary Skill Type

  • Offence: The Operator is suited for direct combat or damaging the enemy. (e.g. Blackbeard, Buck and Fuze.)
  • Defence: The Operator is suited for primarily protecting allies (e.g. Montagne, Tachanka and Jäger.)
  • Support: The Operator is suited to aiding allies. (e.g. Glaz, Rook and Doc.)
  • Recon: The Operator is primarily meant for information. (e.g. Jackal, Valkyrie and IQ.)
  • Hybrid: The Operator shares traits with other Skill Types.

Secondary Skill Type

  • Passive: The Operator works with passively aiding the team or creating traps. (e.g. Frost, Jäger and Kapkan.)
  • Active: The Operator is meant to actively aid the team or engage with the enemy. (e.g. Pulse, Capitão and Blitz.)

Tetriary Skill Types

  • Breaching: The Operator relies on destroying or overcoming enemy reinforcements, one way or another. (e.g. Thermite, Blitz and Sledge.)
  • Denial: The Operator is meant to obstruct, hinder or ward the enemy in some shape or form (e.g. Tachanka, Echo and Mute.)
  • Disorder: WIP
  • Durability: The Operator or their skillset ensures long term survivability (e.g. Rook, Montagne and Doc).
  • Stealth: The Operator works best in relative silence and misdirection. (e.g. Ash, Caveira and Hibana.)



  • Sledge: Offence - Active - Breaching
  • Thatcher: Offence - Active - Denial
  • Smoke: Defence - Active - Stealth/Denial
  • Mute: Support - Passive - Denial


  • Ash: Offence - Active - Breaching
  • Thermite: Support - Active - Breaching
  • Castle: Defence - Passive - Denial
  • Pulse: Recon - Active - Information


  • Twitch: Recon - Active - Information/Denial
  • Montagne: Defence - Active - Denial/Durability
  • Doc: Support - Active - Durability
  • Rook: Defence - Passive - Sustainability


  • Glaz: Recon/Support Hybrid - Active - Information
  • Fuze: Offence - Active - Breaching
  • Kapkan: Defence - Passive - Denial
  • Tachanka: Defence - Active - Denial


  • Blitz: Offence - Active - Breaching/Durability
  • IQ: Recon - Active - Stealth
  • Jäger: Defence - Passive - Denial
  • Bandit: Support - Passive - Denial


  • Buck: Offence - Active - Breaching
  • Frost: Defence - Passive - Denial

Navy SEALs


  • Capitão: Support - Active - Denial/Stealth
  • Caveira: Recon - Active - Stealth


  • Hibana: Offence - Active - Breaching
  • Echo: Recon/Support Hybrid - Active - Denial


  • Jackal: Offence/Recon Hybrid - Active - Denial
  • Mira: Defence/Recon Hybrid - Passive - Denial

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