Urban Light SuitEdit

This urban uniform consists of a lightweight Level IIa tactical vest, soft-soled rubber boots, Nomex balaclava, and Nomex/Kevlar gloves. This uniform is mainly used by recon specialist, it offers more stealth, but only protects against low powered pistol fire.

Urban Medium SuitEdit

Consisting primarily of a Level II waist-length tactical vest and a Kevlar Helmet capable of stopping high power pistol rounds, this is RAINBOW's alternative urban assault gear. It is rounded out with soft-soled rubber boots, Nomex balaclava, and Nomex/Kevlar gloves.

Urban Heavy SuitEdit

This heavy urban uniform consists of Level III body armor extending to the groin. This is the preferred kit of demolitions experts, as the faceplate on the Kevlar helmet offers excellent protection from flying debris. This uniform is very useful on urban assignments, and offers protection against most small arms fire except those from high powered rifles.

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