Rogue Spear: Urban Operations, released on April 4, 2000, was the first expansion for Rogue Spear. It was developed and published by Red Storm Entertainment. It added 8 new maps and 5 classic Rainbow Six maps from the original Rainbow Six game, as well as 3 new weapons.

Also, Urban Operations has been re-released by KAMA Digital Entertainment in South Korea - this new edition included two exclusive missions and two new weapons. It was sort of a prequel to the Korean-exclusive game Take-Down — Missions in Korea.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Urban Operations Intro01:43

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Urban Operations Intro

Step into a counterterrorist team's worst nightmare--a hot fight in a densely populated area. Stray bullets could mean innocent casualties, and terrorists can hide amidst the frenzy of urban crowds. Tenement housing in Mexico City, the London tube system, the pulsing streets of Istanbul, or a hotel in Hong Kong--John Clark and newly appointed intelligence officer Kevin Sweeney take you into these concrete jungles, where you'll experience the most lethal missions the Rainbow Six team has ever faced.

It's your wits, nerves, and training versus a barrage of cold-blooded, grenade-throwing terrorists--on their turf.

Plot summaryEdit

Team Rainbow is deployed throughout the world to deal with terrorist threats.

Missions listEdit

Classic MissionsEdit

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