Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch is the expansion pack for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six released on January 31, 1999.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Rainbow Six is once again called into action! Terrorist threats have increased around the world, and this time, they are attacking the world's most famous places. The Taj Mahal, Big Ben, the Forbidden City, the Senate Wing of the U.S. Capitol, and a top-secret Russian shuttle are all in danger! Use the full "watch" mode to simply observe your hostage rescue team taking down terrorists, or play your friends with the new multiplayer games! Choose from four new operatives, such as Louis Loiselle, pulled directly from Tom Clancy's bestselling novel.

New Features Edit

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Eagle Watch Intro00:52

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Eagle Watch Intro

Five new missions:

Four new operatives:

Three new weapons:

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay has not been changed that much. What has changed is there are four new operatives (Louis Louiselle, Homer Johnston, Eddie Price, and Dieter Weber), three new weapons (Desert Eagle, G36K, G3KA4), two new training missions, and five new campaigns. There are some really cool new modes to fuel your fire. Full Watch this mode is for singleplayer observation, where have control over all teams. You don't physically use any member but you can pass go codes, hold and release, switch views and so forth. The main thing about EW is the multiplayer improvements, which are numerous in nature. The four new concepts are Scatter, Assassin, Terrorist Hunt and Save the Base. In Scatter Mode the players on each team are placed in random positions. In Assassin Mode, each team starts with a non-combatant-The General, if the opposite team shoots him, the game will end. In Terrorist Hunt, Each team must shoot at least half of the terrorist to win. Don't forget about the other team too. Finally, Save the Base, each team is tasked with defusing a powerful bomb, which is located in the other team's base.


There is no over-arching storyline, just unrelated hostage rescue missions.

Missions listEdit

  • Operation Little Wing -  Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, 03.10.2001 / 06:00 Hours
  • Operation Sapphire Rising -  Taj Mahal, India, 03.19.2001 / 18:00 Hours
  • Operation Lion's Den -  Big Ben, London, 03.26.2001 / 15:00 Hours
  • Operation Red Lightning -  Forbidden City, Beijing, 04.04.2001 / 24:00 Hours
  • Operation Eagle Watch -  Senate building, Washington, DC, 04.13.2001 / 09:00 Hours

Characters Edit


Advisors Edit

Rainbow (Assault)Edit

Rainbow (Demo)Edit

Rainbow (Electronics)Edit

Rainbow (Recon)Edit


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