The Orca's Smile
Capital England England
Date of establishment 1953
Headquarters Capricorn Corporation
Appearances Tom Clancy's
Rainbow Six

The Orca's Smile (originally the Rachel Dawkins) was built in 1953 as a fully riveted, steam powered fishing vessel, sixty-four meters long. In 1964, she was extended to her present ninety-five meters and converted to diesel power. Nor-Star Ltd. operated her for thirty years as a freighter, primarily working the coast of England with occasional runs to the continent. In 1993 she was purchased by the Capricorn Corporation who continued to operate hes as a coastal freighter under the new name Orca's Smile. It is now believed that Capricorn Corporation is a front for the European arm of the Phoenix Group, which has been using the Orca's Smile as a means of moving personnel and equipment secretly throughout Europe.

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