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Terrorist Hunt is a gamemode featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Players are tasked with dispatching all bots scattered randomly throughout maps without dying.

It is able to be played with others online or via splitscreen.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 features a total of twelve story-based maps for Terrorist Hunt.

Kill House

Main article: Kill House

This is semi-easy if you have a team backing you up. Begin by heading up the stairs and placing the team on the landing so they can fire both at the floor level and the top of the roof. Head around the corner (to shield yourself from enemies shooting from the stairs) and fire a few rounds at the rappel point to draw enemies out. Raise up the tac-map (won't work in split screen) to make sure enemies do not appear in the distance at Building B. Your team should be able to guard your back while you hose the suckers coming down the rope.


Main article: Villa (Vegas)

Drill the first enemy at the garage without approaching the house. Place the team in the garage next to the red car, or to the side of the white car in the farther garage so they can cover the right stairwell. Spawn enemies at the right staircase and hide back at the red car. Spawn the second set by going up the left stairs. Spawn yet the third set by going left of the left stairs. Each time, run back to the red car and lure the enemies out and down to your killing area.


Main article: Trainyard

You need to clear out the initial room by approaching the door to spawn enemies, then fall back for the lure (fire a weapon to draw them in). There are a few spawn events when you exit the starting rooms: (1) immediately on exitting, enemies will appear and fire (right on top of you); (2) approaching the stairs on the right side will cause more spawns from the basement to come up; (3) continue following the train cars down to the other end of the line causes more enemies to appear. There is also a (4) spawn spot if you head left into the vastly open area with the catwalk overhead. Take your poison, notice the cover and run with it.

Three Kingdoms

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The hard part is getting out of the initial two halls to get cover and spawn enemies to achieve the victory quota. Opt for the right tunnel (with the cleaning machine), since there is more cover from the slot machines on the right than the wide open left. You should be able to get rid of about a dozen or more in the initial hallway, then a few more in the right tunnel (keep the team to cover your back while you focus on the front). Stay away from the center room (and the smaller one connecting both halls). Only when you have the counter down to about 6 or 7 enemies should enter the center rooms (a spawn event). This places the last few enemies around the middle room (the statue room) so you and the team can easily mop up.

Oil TRefinery

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You can reduce enemies in the initial area by firing around the corner and keeping the team nearby incase someone runs by. Don't forget the team has 10 frag, breach, flash, and smoke grenades you can use (at any time). Once the low-density count is 22, move out behind the truck and set up the catwalk and the stairs as your kill zone. Move down the first set of stairs, open the door (spawn) and fire (lure). Head back up and reduce the counter to about 13 or 14. The remaining enemies will come from the trainyard and on the catwalk; place the team under cover somewhere (no good place if shot at from the catwalk) and take in the incoming attackers.

Convention Center

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Head to the double doors first, cause the spawn by touching the wall, then blast the 12 terrorists (count will read 18) in the hallway. Do not move far from the starting entrance. Head back to the stairs at the starting point and go up and out. At the food and display case landing, take the stairs to the right and follow it to the office area above the stage. Place the team to cover the entrance, and have yourself sit and cover the short hall and the ropes. Reduce the enemies to the single digits (generally around 4 to 6) and move out to the gaming room 2F. Send the team out first and mop up the remaining stragglers with alerted ease.


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You may want an SR25-SD for the first shot. Take out the enemy down the street first, then send your team to the fenced area and open up (go loud). Kill the four guys on the left side (arcade area), the two guys who start off to the right of the wrecked white car, and assess who's coming in. Stay out of the building. Spawn enemies by approaching the building door, and lure them out to the street so you and the team can cut them down. The final few will be in the second area; deploy smoke and use the tac-map to get the drop on them. Keep the team together so they can cover you in case someone shows up unexpectedly.

Vegas Junkyard

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Throw out both frags/incendiaries between the trucks -- one left, one right. Should register two kills. Waste the third guy if he shows up, but generally, focus on stemming the enemies left of the left truck. Reduce enemies to about 14 or 24 (medium), then have the team stay put. Head down the tunnel on the right and go to the end. Do not climb the ladder and let them come to you. Let's watch:


Main article: Murdertown

This can be difficult due to all the close range spawns and lack of solid cover. Being by killing the three enemies on top of the starting room. Once that's done, head back down and carefully go around the corner. Enemies sometimes are there, sometimes they are not. Sometimes, they appear in the doorway as you pass by. When you are in a safe and defended area, fire once and see if anyone responds. You can try going out the right door (using the pipe for cover), then start heading upstairs and clearing the rooms slowly. Generally speaking, Murdertown is best done online with four capable players (due to the extra respawn allowed).

CQB Training

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Begin by sending your team out to fire/cover the right side. You need to take out the half dozen or more enemies in the inner tunnel where you start. Once that's done, handle the outer yard by rejoining your team. Head back in the inner tunnel and go out the right door to trigger the left house. Use the yellow dumpster to take out the trash. Move the team to the yellow dumpster and trigger the back house by going down the right street (fall back when enemies appear). The tac-map will keep you informed of the situation when enemies spawn. Clear out the rest of the enemies by moving and patrolling in force.


Main article: Theater

Start by assaulting the right door (do not approach the room with the stairs at all). Once the hall outside the starting spot is more or less quiet, brew it up a second time by attacking the construction plastic area. The final wave can be spawned by luring enemies from the left door (to the stairs).


Main article: Presidio

Assault the right door (you can in fact, lure out people and detonate C4 for assault points en masse). Take out the center area and you can get the low-density counter to under 10. The rest are a room to the right of the door you are assaulting. Head through the short hall, stop and blind-fire the rest to oblivion. The team can cover your back if you are uneasy, but keep them away from tight spots or they tend to get killed.