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Tan Light SuitEdit

This tan lightweight uniform is perfect for hot desert missions. It consists of a lightweight Level IIa green tactical vest capable of stopping low-powered pistol rounds and is rounded out with the standard desert boots, Nomex balaclava, and Nomex/Kevlar gloves.

Tan Medium SuitEdit

This tan uniform is made of a green Level II waist-length tactical vest and a Kevlar Helmet, desert boots, Nomex balaclava, and Nomex/Kevlar gloves. This is RAINBOW's alternative desert assault gear. The vest is capable of stopping most pistol fire, and some submachine gunfire as well.

Tan Heavy SuitEdit

This bulky tan uniform consists of Level III body armor extending to the groin and is capable of stopping all but most high-powered of rifle rounds. This is the preferred uniform of demolitions experts, as the faceplate on the Kevlar helmet offers excellent protection from flying debris. This version is especially suited for desert operations.