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Members Fuze
Appearances Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Russian Special Purpose Forces or Spetsnaz is an umbrella term for any special forces in Russian, literally "force of special purpose".

The Spetsnaz is an available organization in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

CTU History

Created in 1974, the Spetsnaz are members of Russian units dedicated to counter-terrorism, paramilitary and covert operations. They're tasked with protecting Russia's strategic installations, both domestic and international, though little is known is about the exact nature of their mission.


IMG 20151222 104400

From Left to Right: Kapkan, Fuze, Glaz, Tachanka



Rainbow Six Siege - Inside Rainbow 5 Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege - Inside Rainbow 5 Trailer


  • The icon used for the Spetsnaz is the logo of Alpha Group.
  • All Spetsnaz Operator models feature the letters ФСБ on their back, which stands for the FSB, to which the Alpha Group is a part of. Despite this, many Spetsnaz Operator's models feature MVD equipment.

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