Solemn Arrow
Location Plesetzk, Russia
Date May 19, 2003
16:30 Hours
Objective Rescue Hostages
Neutralize all terrorists
Game Rainbow Six Rogue Spear (GBA)
Next mission Operation: Mercury Jackal
Previous mission Operation: Sharpened Iris

Solemn Arrow is the twelfth mission of the Gameboy Advance game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective: 

Control - Intelligence reports increasing activity in the enemy base. In spite of our efforts, they must be expecting us. 

Your mission is to approach the compound area where the hostages are kept, quickly neutralize any resistance and rescue the scientists. 

Remember to watch out for snipers and guards on the towers and walls. 


John Clark - Ok, team, we're going ahead with phase 2: approach the structure and rescue the scientists. Be careful, the base is easily defended and they will shoot on sight. 

Mission success

John Clark - As we suspected, the scientists were working on the construction of a nuclear device. Intel will question them while you continue with phase 3.