Not to be confused with Smoke Grenade
"Sets remote detonated toxic gas charges"
— Compound Z8 Grenade Description
SMOKE operator video00:34

SMOKE operator video

James "Smoke" Porter is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. He features a medium armor and mobility rating and has a Compound Z8 Remote Gas Grenade as his unique gadget, essentially functioning as a poison gas canister that will damage and possibly kill whoever it comes in contact with, whether they be friend or foe.



Porter was not an academic, although in secondary school, he excelled in science. He took a particular interest in biology and the unit on dissection. During his gap year, Porter enlisted in the British Army, using a fake ID to circumvent parental consent.

Psychological Profile

He is a known thrill seeker with very little regard for his personal safety. He is fearless in battle and can be a great asset for defensive maneuvers, however he seems to enjoy the havoc and chaos of war. He uses a remote detonated dispersal mine filled with a gas of undisclosed contents to impede hostile advances.

Relevant Training

After basic training, Porter was stationed in Belfast. Finding the posting to be a bit dull in the wake of the March 2007 treaty, he joined the Army Boxing Team as a middleweight.

Gameplay Description

  • Smoke is the ideal pick for someone who likes to plant traps: you can plant a Remote Gas Grenade and detonate it while you cover another area, so you can cover two entry points.
  • You can also toss them on ceilings or walls: they stick out, so place them in hard to see corners or on top of door frames. You can also toss them and detonate them quickly; this is highly effective in situations where an enemy retreats to a small enclosed place like a wardrobe or backs themselves into a corner.
  • Smoke is a very effective anti-shield Operator as he can toss Remote Gas Grenades at enemies with the range of a regular grenade. He comes equipped with three Remote Gas Grenades as opposed to only one Nitro Cell, however, Smoke can carry both the gas grenades and two Impact Grenades.
  • Be careful when detonating the charges: Smoke is immune to the effects of the gas, but your teammates are not.
  • In your loadout, you can pick the Barbed Wires to help you detect enemy movement: wait for your enemies to be caught in the barbed wire, then toss and/or detonate a Remote Gas Grenade while they can't move out of range quickly.
  • Enemies walking in barbed wire make a distinct noise. This can be used to help time gas traps if they are near the barbed wire. It also has the added advantage of the enemy being slowed in the gas.
  • A good loadout combination is the M590A1 as a primary and the SMG-11 as a secondary. This is because the SMG-11 has similar functions to the FMG-9, paving the way for the use of a shotgun.
  • The gas is released mainly to the front of the gas grenade, so the direction of the surface the gas grenade is attached on is important in determining its coverage area. Placing the grenade on the ground or ceiling allows for a large area to be covered.


Unique Gadget
  • Remote Gas Grenade x 3
    Compound Z8 Grenade

Loadout Description

Porter requested a portable defense system that could deliver the most damage to intruders in a targeted area. Fashioned with a remote detonator, Porter can view the results from a distance. The mines are filled with a collection of biological substances, that on their own are inert, but when combined, have a more volatile effect. The resulting concoction incapacitates anyone exposed to it.


Smoke's Quotes
Operator Video
  • "I know what you're wondering. "What's in the canister?" I could tell ya, but then I'd have to kill you. Hehe. I'm only mucking about, relax. As for what's in the canister, it's best you don't ask."
  • "As long as my beauties get to play."
  • "Clear off or get snookered."
  • "I hope my nest is alright."
  • "I'm easy."
  • "I'm not looking to get snookered."
  • "What's your poison?"
  • "You are a right barmy bastard."
Setting Remote Gas Grenade
  • "Babes in position!"
  • "Gas ready to knock up!"
  • "Laying down some smoke!"
  • "My beauties are in place!"
  • "My toxic babes are in position!"
  • "Nest of beauty's in position!"
  • "Set'in a gas!"
Detonating Remote Gas Grenade
  • "Setting off a charge!"
  • "Watch ya-self!"
  • "Smoke incoming!"
Using Barbed Wire
  • "Razor wire ready, anyone need a shave?"
  • "Wall is fortified!"
  • "Wall is secured!"
  • "Boarding the door!"
  • "Securing the door!"
  • "So much for the view!"
  • "The window is blocked!"
  • "Loading new magazine!"
  • "Mags empty!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Awww, does it hurt?"
  • "I got you mate. No need to worry."
  • "Patch you up in no time mate!"
Friendly Fire
  • "Cease fire! Cease fire!"
  • "Friendly! Cease fire you muppet!"
  • "Friendly! For fuck's sake, don't shoot!"
  • "Delivery Area!"
  • "Garage!"
  • "Master bedroom."


  • Despite all SAS Operators wearing gas masks, Smoke's gas grenade will still damage them if exposed. This is due to the other operators not wearing full NBC suits, just the SAS BDU and a gas mask of varying design, whereas Smoke dons a full NBC suit, which also protects the skin from gas.
  • The gas inside the gas grenade appears to be the same gas used by the White Masks during the Article 5 Situation scenario.
  • Smoke's original date of birth was stated to be on May 14, 1990. The year was later changed to 1981 with the release of the game.
  • Smoke's last name, Porter, may be a reference to Porton Down, a United Kingdom government military science park, which developed biological weapons.

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile SMOKE-007:15

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile SMOKE-0


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