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Six is a codename given to the current Director or Deputy Director of the Rainbow counter terrorism unit. The codename also refers to the "Six" in "Rainbow Six", explaining why Team Rainbow only ever has five Operators in the field at a time rather than six.

Following recent terrorist attacks conducted by the White Masks worldwide, Six managed to convinced the United Nations to reactivate Team Rainbow as a way to prevent further attacks by the terrorist organization. Six was soon made the organizations director following its reactivation and recruited top operators from several special forced units including GIGN, GSG-9, FBI S.W.A.T, Spetznaz, and the SAS.

Soon after recruiting her new operatives, the White Masks attack an American University using deadly chemical weapons to and kill many of the students while also planting dangerous explosives within the school. In response to this attack, Six deploys a team of Rainbow operatives to find and disable the exploives devices with the University.