"Drops a supply bag full of armor plates for his team to use."
— R1N "Rhino" Armor Description
Rainbow Six Siege Rook Operator Video00:26

Rainbow Six Siege Rook Operator Video

Julien "Rook" Nizan is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. A Heavy Armored Operator, Rook's unique gadget is a bag of five R1N "Rhino" Armor Plates, for his team to pick-up and use for added damage resistance.


In school, Nizan excelled at athletics specifically in Track and Field. The youngest son of a working class family, he enlisted in the Gendarmerie Nationale at eighteen and found himself assigned to the Highway Patrol unit. During basic training, Nizan discovered his aptitude for firearms, a skill that he would continue to develop and master over them during his time with the Gendarmerie Nationale. His skill with a rifle eventually attracted the attention of the GIGN.

Psychological Profile

Nizan is idealistic and trusting. He can be impulsive and must self-regulate in order to remain on task. When his focus is clear, he is decisive and driven to complete the task at hand.

Gameplay Overview

  • Rook can greatly improve his team's survivability by dropping his Armor Pack: each R1N “Rhino” Armor plate will increase the chances of the wearer to drop in DBNO when shot instead of being killed.
  • Wearing an armor plate will increase the armor rating of anyone picking it up. Always make sure to drop the Armor Pack during the preparation phase, and keep it well guarded as Attackers can destroy the Armor Pack or take leftover armor plates for themselves- you’d be better off destroying the leftover armor than letting the enemy get their hands on it. This also emphasizes the importance of communicating with teammates and telling them to pick up the armor when dropped.
  • Rook is a very good operator to pick if Doc is on his team, as he can quickly revive fallen teammates which go into DBNO due to the armor plates. If you want to create a heavily armored team, synchronize your team and only pick heavily armored operators: if everyone wears a “Rhino” armor plate, they'll have a hard time putting them down.
  • Rook's armor improves the armor rating of all non-level three operators to level three, and further improves the damage resistance for operators with level three armor rating.
  • Since Rook is a very easy to use Operator, it is recommended to unlock him first in order to understand the basic mechanics of the game, and since his gadget is not complex, it will be very easy to use him as a beginner.
  • Important to note that if you get revive from a DBNO (Down But Not Out) stage while wearing rook's armor you will lose the armor plate. You can, however, still get another one afterward assuming there's still some left.


Unique Gadget
  • Armor Pack x 1
    R1N "Rhino" Armor Pack

Loadout Description

The GIGN’s R1N “Rhino” Armor contains a hot-pressed boron ceramic plate designed to stop small-arms fire from penetrating the chest cavity as well as offering small protection and trauma caused by back-face deformation. They are stored in a light weight sturdy satchel for rapid field deployment.

The trauma plates were initially designed as a low profile ballistics shield for “trust exercises”. Nizan was first introduced to the trauma plate when he was on the receiving end of a .357 Magnum. The protection they provide and the ease in which a damaged plate could be replaced made the trauma plates a valuable addition to Team Rainbow’s defenses.


Rook's Quotes
Operator Video
  • "I trust that the ceramic trauma plate I'm wearing will stop a .357 Magnum round traveling at four-hundred and ninety meters per second. I trust myself not to move, not to flinch. I trust my team mates and they trust me."
  • "I know what I must do."
  • "I won't let you down."
Using Armor Pack
  • "Pass those plates around!"
  • "Take some trauma plates!"
  • "Time to armor up!"
  • "Time for some serious protection!"
Using Barricade
  • "Door barricaded!"
  • "Door fortified!"
  • "Wall fortification complete!"
  • "Wall fortified!"
  • "Wall is reinforced!"
Using Deployable Shield
  • "Shield is up!"
  • "You are alright now, mon ami."


  • Rook's birthplace, Tours, reflects his nickname as the word "tour" can mean rook (the chess piece) in French.

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile ROOK-005:32

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile ROOK-0


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