Renegade Thorn
Location Saudi Arabia
Date November 17, 2002
16:15 Hours
Objective Rescue hostages
Neutralize all terrorists
Game Rainbow Six Rogue Spear (GBA)
Next mission Operation: Fraternal Lamp
Previous mission Operation: Flying Gate

Renegade Thorn is the second mission of the Gameboy Advance game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission orders:

Control - Terrorists have seized a chemical plant in Saudi Arabia, and are keeping hostage a NATO chemical-weapons specialist who was touring the plant. Plant workers have also been taken hostage. The terrorists are threatening to kill the plant workers unless they are provided a safe way to escape with Dr. Currie, the weapons specialist.

Your mission is to free the hostages and neutralize the terrorists who refuse to surrender.

The plant workers are being held in a different building from Dr. Currie - both locations are marked on your map. The terrorists know that it will be difficult for them to leave the plant alive. If they realize you're in the area they'll probably kill the hostages.


John Clark - The situation in Saudi Arabia is tense. The people holding the plant are extremists, what they want from Dr. Currie is not difficult to wonder, and they're well armed enough to have killed his military escort. The success of this mission is of the highest importance; we can't let these people get Dr. Currie and his in-depth knowledge of such dangerous weaponry. With NATO involved, and tensions already high in the region, the Saudis have asked us to handle this one.

Mission success

John Clark - Our intelligence has identified the terrorists' leader: Kristofer Heulsbeck. We've tied him to the NY Museum incident too. He is a mercenary born in the former DDR, East Germany; Heulsbeck is now a lackey of the Russian Mafia. Why a man with close ties to the Russian Mafia is working with the extremists is still unknown.