Ramon Calderon
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of Colombia Colombian
Died August 3, 2000
Death place Brazil
Cause of death Killed by RAINBOW operative
Affiliation Drug Lord
Appearances Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Colombian drug lord. Date and place of birth unknown. Former member of Cali drug cartel, now believed to be living in exile in the Brazilian countryside. Calderon made a name for himself during the eight years the Cali and Medellin cartels fought for control of the Colombian drug trade, earning himself the nickname "Rotula" for the brutal punishment he exacted on Medellin supporters. When the Colombian military broke Medellin's back in 1994, Cali expanded to fill the resulting void and Calderon rose to a position of considerable power, ultimately, authorities believe, controlling most of Colombia's expanding "liquid marijuana" market. Forced out of Cali in 1998, Calderon is rumored to have fled across the border to Brazil, where he continues to operate several large marijuana growing operations in the countryside near the town of Villa Bittencourt.

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