The People's Social Nationalist Party, or more commonly known as

People's Social Nationalist Party
Type of government Neo-Fascist movement
Founding document Ustashe Regime in Croatia
Capital Croatia
Date of establishment Unknown, probably 2005
Leaders Peja Sicic
Appearances Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
the "PSNP" is a neo-fascist terrorist group directly connected to the former Ustashe regime of World War II.


Not much is known about the past of the PSNP, however, info pertaining to the organization's structure shown in the level Stolen Flame, indicate that it was probably formed sometime around or before 2005.


The organization of the PSNP is nothing near sophisticated or complex. They are badly organized and badly armed. They are mostly armed with small caliber guns, they are described as being erratic, politically fanatical, and not too bright. Their bombs are mostly home made and very unstable. They are known to be "too extremist", and "amateurish". They commonly work in groups of eight individuals carrying out their objectives against the police. As long as the purpose of their objectives is achieved, they don't account for their comrades deaths or suffering in a mission.

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