Operation Stone Feather
Mission4 map
Location West of Solhiea, Norway
Date January 28, 2001
Objective Locate Theissan cabin

Free Xander's brother

Game Rainbow Six Lone Wolf
Next mission Operation Cold Talon
Previous mission Operation Rapid Fox
Operation Stole Feather is the fourth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf.

Mission objective:

Xander is refusing to disclose any more information until he is certain that his brother is safe. His last known location was a resort chalet to the west. If the terrorists have taken him, he must be rescued.


John Clark - It's not much of a resort - more like a collection of chalets. There is a small pathway between the houses, but that might be dangerous. This is a nighttime mission. Be extremely careful. If the terrorists spot you, they'll shoot the hostage. If you have to neutralize someone, use a silenced weapon.

Kevin Sweeney - Hostage situations are always sensitive. In most cases the terrorists become nervous, and if not handled correctly they will kill a hostage. In this case, there is only one, so hopefully, they will not expend their insurance too readily. With tensions running high they are likely to guard the hostage very closely, so check your targets.


Rainbow Six- Lone Wolf PS1 Gameplay Mission 4 - Operation Stone Feather

Rainbow Six- Lone Wolf PS1 Gameplay Mission 4 - Operation Stone Feather

Operation Stone Feather gameplay