Operation Rapid Fox
Mission3 map
Location North of Solhiea, Norway
Date January 26, 2001
Objective Locate and free Xander
Game Rainbow Six Lone Wolf
Previous mission Operation Silent Shelter
Next mission Operation Stone Feather
Operation Rapid Fox is the third mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf.

Mission objective: Edit

Xander has been tracked as the terrorists headed north into the mountains. They were last seen entering a cave system there; this is probably the source of the weapons being smuggled across the border. Xander must be rescued from the cave systems. This mountain has been mined extensively in the past for its copper and zinc content; analysis of the old records suggests the terrorists are heading towards a disused section to escape.

Briefing Edit

John Clark - The terrorists have made a bold move seizing Xander in board daylight. Either they're worried or overconfident. Doesn't matter which - either way you've got the edge. These caves go deep underground. If this is the way they've been smuggling weapons, you should find a sizable operation down there. Check your targets. You don't want to pop Xander by accident. Be on the lookout for guards dug into cover, and don't fall for any obvious distractions.

Kevin Sweeney - Xander knows how to delay his kidnappers, so you shouldn't be too far behind them. They will be alert for any attempted rescue, so be cautious.

Walkthrough Edit

Rainbow Six- Lone Wolf PS1 Gameplay Mission 3 - Operation Rapid Fox03:05

Rainbow Six- Lone Wolf PS1 Gameplay Mission 3 - Operation Rapid Fox

Operation Rapid Fox gameplay

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