Operation Cold Talon
Mission5 map
Location East of Solhiea, Norway
Date January 30, 2001
Objective Eliminate all targets
Game Rainbow Six Lone Wolf
Previous mission Operation Stone Feather
Operation Cold Talon is the fifth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf.

Mission objective:

Xander has now revealed the location of the terrorists' base of operations - a farmhouse in the valley several miles east from Solhiea. Infiltrate the farmhouse and seize the weapons cache located within.


John Clark - Finally we have the information we need. The farmhouse is their regional headquarters - losing it will set them back years. Shut them down, and about a dozen countries get a whole lot safer. You'll have the cover of some very nasty weather. The rain and sleet will help conceal you. To maximize your number of targets, though, you'll need to hit them during the day.

Kevin Sweeney - The terrorists will feel secure in their base here; successful infiltration will require unsettling their equilibrium.


Rainbow Six- Lone Wolf PS1 Gameplay Mission 5 - Operation Cold Talon

Rainbow Six- Lone Wolf PS1 Gameplay Mission 5 - Operation Cold Talon

Operation Cold Talon gameplay

John Clark - Well, Ding, you pulled it off. Shutting down their HQ has really broken the back of the terrorist organization. Thanks to your efforts, the entire region is safe from a bunch of potential future headaches. There will be a few days to debrief and relax before you rejoin the rest of the team. Take it easy and enjoy yourself, you certainly earned it this time. Clark out.