Operation Arctic Phoenix
Mission1 map
Location Solhiea, Norway
Date January 25, 2001
Objective Infiltrate Xander's cabin

Locate access path

Game Rainbow Six Lone Wolf
Next mission Operation Silent Shelter
Operation Arctic Phoenix is the first mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf.

Mission objective:

A previously convicted terrorist, Xander Thiessan, contacted us at 07:00 hours claiming to have information on the recent weapons imports into Russia. His current location is Solhiea, a small mountain resort town.


John Clark - This is a sensitive case, and could give us an important edge on the terrorist activity in Russia. Xander claims the group that he uses to be part of is monitoring him, eliminating the option to send an entire team out to Solhiea. Ding Chavez, you have the knowledge to pull this mission off. You will travel alone, and it is imperative that you get to Xander without being detected. Enemy casualties are acceptable, but if you make your presence known the mission will be a failure. You'll go in at night to minimize the chance of enemy detection. Weather reports for the region indicate a break in the heavy snowfall, giving you a window of opportunity.

Kevin Sweeney - I have studied the case reports on Xander's interrogation two years ago and it is obvious he is a very intelligent man. With this comes arrogance, however; he is the kind of person who despises people who he feels are not as his equal. We do not know how he views RAINBOW -- be aware that he may have constructed this scenario with some ulterior motive. I advise you tread very carefully.


Rainbow Six Lone Wolf PS1 Gameplay Mission 1 - Operation Arctic Phoenix

Rainbow Six Lone Wolf PS1 Gameplay Mission 1 - Operation Arctic Phoenix

Operation Arctic Phoenix gameplay