Operation Angel Wire
Location North Sea
Date 2012 / 02:12 Hours
Objective Disarm the explosives
Rescue the rig workers
Game Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard
Previous mission Operation Cold Thunder
Next mission Operation Sun Devil

Operation Angel Wire is the third mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard.

Summary Edit

An organization calling itself "The Phoenix Group" has gained control of a Petr-A-Mekk oil drilling platform in the North Sea. They've taken the crew hostage and wired the rig with explosives.

Briefing Edit

James Danko - Alpha Team, you did an exemplary job in the Congo. I'm patching John Brightling through.

John Brightling - I wanted to thank you personally for saving the life of someone we all care about and admire greatly. And when we find a cure for this epidemic, the people Congo will share our gratitude to you.

James Danko - And luckily for us, this isn't last time we'll hear from Dr. Winston. She's agreed to advise Rainbow Six on matters relating to biological warfare. We also have a new client: Petr-A-Mekk, one of the largest oil companies in the world. At 0700 hours, one of their oil rigs in the North Sea was boarded by an organization known as the Phoenix Group.

Control - Phoenix are terrorists whose goal is the complete destruction of modern, globalized civilization to be replaced by a back-to-nature utopia. They're linked to several arson attacks, murders of oil industry executives, and a dozen bombing of nuclear power plants that were under construction.

James Danko - This is certainly one of their most complex and aggressive operations to date. You'll be inserted via inflatable raft. Board the rig and eliminate all hostiles. It's not clear at this time whether there are hostages -- if so, their rescue will be a priority as well. A word of cautions: use grenades and other explosives with restraint. If that rig blows, there will be no survivors. Good luck, Alpha Team.

Gallery Edit

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