"Jammer ready to activate."
— Mute

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Rainbow Six Siege Mute Operator Video

Mark R. "Mute" Chandar is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. A Medium Armored Operator, Mute is equipped with four GC90 "Moni" Signal Disruptors, which jam communications for remotely detonated gadgets such as Breach Charges or Drones.


Chandar graduated from secondary school at the age of twelve. A science prodigy, he was accepted into the University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering at fourteen after completing an internship at a British tech company during his gap year, working on prototypes for a new security system.

Psychological Profile

Chandar is highly intelligent and analytical. He is used to being the youngest and smartest one in the room. A man of few words, he prefers brevity and clarity to extemporizing. His curt nature is easily misconstrued as rudeness.

Gameplay Description

Mute is an all-round Defender with no apparent weaknesses, but one notable strength: his ability to deny remote electronics via his Signal Disruptors. His skillset effectively limits the Attackers' options on how to breach an objective. He is also incredibly effective in crippling the Attacker's ability to survey an area with drones.

As Mute

  • Mute's Signal Disruptors are portable devices that can be placed on the floor to jam Attacker's electronic devices in a wide area.
  • The Signal Disruptor has an effective range of 2.25 meters in radius, effectively covering two Reinforced Walls. This jamming range also extends upwards, covering approximately 2.5 meters vertically at its highest, making it possible to jam some trapdoors from below.
  • However, take note that the Signal Disruptor does not jam anything below it. If set on an elevated surface, such as a table, electronics below will not be jammed.
  • The Signal Disruptor is capable of jamming any Attacker's electronic device that is remotely controlled or detonated. This includes Drones, Breaching Charges, and more.
  • The Signal Disruptor doesn't only work on the electronics themselves, but also the remote/switch: if the Attacker is standing near a Signal Disruptor, they will not be able to activate any remote devices.
  • Gadgets that automatically detonate on their own, such as Ash's Breaching Rounds, will not be affected.
  • A placed Signal Disruptor makes an audible buzzing noise and can be heard even through walls if a player is close enough.
  • The Signal Disruptors are essential both in the Preparation Phase and in the Active Phase. During the Prep Phase, the Signal Disruptors can be great contributors in preventing Drones from finding the objective. During the Active Phase, the Signal Disruptors can prevent Attacking Operators from using their gadgets or other electronics.
  • Mute can choose where he wishes to place his Disruptors when it comes to doorways: on the outside or the inside. If placed outside, it will prevent Drones from hopping into the room, at the cost of exposing the Disruptor's location. If placed inside, the Disruptors will still jam Drones, but may not prevent them from getting a peek at the objective.
  • With this in mind, Mute should not leave Signal Disruptors in the same location, especially if they are not properly placed in a location that is effective in preventing the Attacker's breaching.
  • While capable of jamming Drones, be aware that Twitch's Shock Drones are able to destroy the Signal Disruptors if the Disruptor is found before being jammed. Thus, place the Signal Disruptors out of immediate sight of doorways.
  • Be careful if Bandit is on the team, as while his Shock Wires will also aid in the destruction and denial of remote gadgets, they will destroy the Signal Disruptor if they're in close proximity of each other.
  • The same applies to unreinforced walls. Like any other gadget, if placed too close to an unreinforced wall, reinforcing that wall will crush the gadget, hence destroy it. The Disruptors will still do their job even if slightly placed away from desired walls.

As an Ally

  • At times, make way for Mute, as he may attempt to apply the Disruptors to walls that you may camp against.
  • Be aware of where Mute places his Signal Disruptors, especially if he attempts to place it right against an unreinforced wall.
  • As an allied Bandit, be careful not to place Shock Wires too close to the Signal Disruptors as the electricity will destroy the Disruptors.
  • Kapkan should communicate with Mute where he can place his Trip Mines, as their explosions can destroy the Disruptors.
  • Castle has situational synergy with Mute. Unless the Attacker side has Thatcher or other own means of destroying Castle's Armor Panels in one go, the duo can prevent Attackers from breaching through windows swiftly or a Fuze from safely deploying his Cluster Charges.
  • As an ally, do not worry about your equipment being jammed, since the Signal Disruptors only affect the Attacker's equipment.

As an Enemy

  • When breaching a location, keep attentive of the surroundings. The Signal Disruptors emit a distinct sound, revealing its likely position.
  • When Droning, communicate with teammates about possible Disruptor locations, especially when your own Drone has been jammed.
  • By remaining attentive, you can avoid wasting time by placing up a Breaching Charge or using an electronic gadget, only to find that they are being jammed.
  • A couple Attacking Operators suffer in the face of Mute's Signal Disruptors:
  • Jackal is met with intense jamming when he has his Eyenox active within range of a Disruptor. The jamming is very much similar to when a Drone is jammed, thus Jackal should switch his Eyenox as soon as possible until he takes care of the Disruptor.
  • As Blitz, be aware that your Flash Shield will be jammed by the Signal Disruptors.
  • Thatcher poses a great threat to Mute in that the former's EMP Grenades can wipe out the latter's Signal Disruptors without much difficulty. Because the Grenades do not need direct sight of what electronics they are destroying, Thatcher can take care of the Disruptors from the safety on the other side of a wall.
  • With her RED Scanner, IQ can search and destroy Signal Disruptor from a safe distance.
  • Twitch can be somewhat effective in countering the Signal Disruptors. As long as her Shock Drones do not come into jamming range of the Disruptors, and she remains vigilant of their locations, Twitch can shock the Disruptors out of existence from a distance.
  • Ash is a notably effective breaching Operator against Mute, as her Breaching Rounds detonate automatically, immune to the jamming effects.
  • Any other Attacking Operators who do not rely on electronically-based gadgets can circumvent Mute's area of expertise, although other equipment such as Breaching Charges can still be jammed.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Mute Badge New

Signal Disruptor x 4
"Moni" GC90 Signal Disruptor

"Jams communications for remotely detonated gadgets or drones in its range."
— GC90 "Moni" Signal Disruptor Descpription

Developed by Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) the “Moni” was originally designed as a portable device that could blackout any radio transmissions or communication devices for covert or sensitive meetings between British government officials and foreign interests. As one of the primary engineers on the project, Chandar created a variant of the device that doubled the effective range of the original GCHQ signal disruptor.


Mute's Quotes
  • "I think you've said quite enough."
  • "I'm easy."
  • "We're doing a bit more than scrumping here."
  • "What are they chuttering on about?"
Using Signal Disruptor
  • "Activating jammer."
  • "Deploying jammer."
  • "Initiating jammer."
  • "Jammer activated."
  • "Jammer deployed."
  • "Jammer down."
  • "Jammer initiated."
  • "Jammer ready."
  • "Jammer ready to activate."
Placing Nitro Cell
  • "Deploying C4!"
Detonating Nitro Cell
  • "Activating nitro!"
  • "C4 activated!"
  • "Detonating nitro!"
  • "Setting C4!"
Using Deployable Shield
  • "Mobile cover!"
  • "Swapping mags!"
  • "Loading mag!"
  • "It's not that bad."
  • "Medic."
  • "Fortified the wall!"
  • "Reinforcing the wall!"
  • "Wall reinforced!"
  • "Wall secured!"
  • "Door blocked!"
  • "Door secured!"
Scanning Enemies
  • "Located target!"
Friendly Fire
  • "Friendly, don't shoot!"


  • Mute's height was originally labelled as 5'6" (1.70m) but was later changed to 6'1" (1.85m) following the release of the Operation Black Ice expansion.[1]
  • The loadout overview for Mute incorrectly spelled Disruptor as "Disrupter". This has since been fixed.
  • Mute seems to be wearing an M50 CBRN mask, the current U.S respirator, this is odd as the current UK respirator is the General Service Respirator. Whilst Mute's mask bears some resemblance to the GSR, it shares more in common with the M50.
  • Mute's Signal Disruptors changed from a solid black to a more chrome-black coloring following the Operation Dust Line release.

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile MUTE-005:44

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile MUTE-0

Patch Changes


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