"Can expand his Extendable Shield to offer full protection while standing."
— Le Roc Description

Rainbow Six Siege Montagne Operator Video00:33

Rainbow Six Siege Montagne Operator Video

Gilles "Montagne" Touré (pronounced "Mon-tan-yahh" [mɔ̃.taɲ]) is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. A Heavy Armored Operator, Montagne uses his extendable shield, "Le Roc," to shield himself and his allies from enemy fire as they breach.


The son of an army officer and school teacher, Montagne's family was stationed near Bordeaux, France. A few years after he graduated from high school, Montagne became a member of the National Gendarmerie. Dedicating his life to the defense work, his commitment has allowed him to obtain a position on the GIGN. After many years of service and involvement in numerous incidents such as the 1994 French Airline hijacking, Montagne has become the longest-serving GIGN operative. Montagne is a certified GIGN trainer. He has also won several CQB awards in SWAT competitions in Europe and the US.

Psychological Profile

Fiercely protective of his teammates, this gentle giant would not hesitate to throw himself in front of a bullet if it meant protecting his fellow operators from harm. He brandishes an extra-large riot shield, first issued in the 1980’s, that has seen more action than most operators.

Gameplay Description

Montagne's Extendable Shield fully covers him from head-to-toe while standing, providing extra protection that no other shield in the game offers. This also allows him to be the ultimate point-man, blocking enemy bullets as allies attack from his protection.

As Montagne

  • The extendable shield covers the entire front of Montagne's body, so don't be afraid to walk into enemy fire.
  • The shield also protects from the side, granting a total approximate protection of 80° that protect him from other fronts.
  • It also features an inclined top that protects against enemy fire from above, so approaching stairs should not be as much of a problem.
  • The extended shield greatly reduces flinching when meleed, reducing the knocked away shield to a small shake, allowing Montagne to push or hold without fear of getting melee attacked and killed from the front.
  • While impervious to bullets and melee, explosives such as C4 from the front will still deal minor damage.
  • Even when not extended, Le Roc works like the other Shields in the game.
  • Montagne works both as an excellent point-man and as a scout. If a room is filled with enemies, he can safely peek into an enemy siege and safely tell his allies where the enemies are located.
  • Montagne is also a good operator for drawing fire, allowing teammates to flank the enemy.
  • While the shield is extended, Montagne is unable to use his gun, run, crouch, or melee. As a Shield Operator, he is also slightly slower than a normal Heavy Armored Operator, making him vulnerable when moving in open spaces.
  • Contracting his shield takes a moment, so time the moment well if you wish to use your gun or melee your opponent. Otherwise, if possible, retreat to a safe location before contracting.
  • Because of these shortcomings, Montagne performs best if he has an ally following closely with him.
  • Keep in mind that Montagne's back is still exposed. If an enemy flanks from behind or tosses an explosive behind the shield, death will likely follow.
  • Montagne is an excellent Operator for blocking off doorways due to his Shield. If the Defenders do not have the means to break through the adjacent walls or go through a nearby doorway to get around, Montagne can effectively deny the Defenders from entering a room.
  • While a simple Operator to use, communication is vital for Montagne. Not only from other allies, but Montagne needs to communicate back as well. Because of this, he can be either an excellent ally who absorbs all the fire or a poor teammate who gets in the way of his fellow Operators.

As an Ally

  • Tag-along with Montagne, not only for the mobile cover, but to also be the sword to his literal shield.
  • When entering an area that hasn't been properly scouted, let Montagne take the lead. He may spot traps or oddities with his slow approach. In other cases where he does not notice the traps, he is more likely to survive any incoming fire.
  • Like with any Operator, communication is important. For Montagne, it is vital to inform him where from you will attack or if you will be taking any actions that could sabotage Montagne's efforts.
  • Take into mind that while Montagne is protected by the shield from explosives, the same cannot be said for allies behind him. If an explosive comes in proximity, do not get too comfortable behind Montange and instead take some proper distance.
  • Montagne works well with breaching operators (such as Ash, Thermite) who can create an entry point for him to enter and/or scout.

As an Enemy

  • While impervious to bullets, Montagne is still exposed from the back. Try to flank him or toss a C4 to exploit this weakness.
  • Don't worry as much about him contracting his shield, as there is a delay between the release of the shield and his capability to fire his gun or melee. However, take note that he too will time it for a proper counterattack, so be cautious.
  • Although he can take refuge in a corner, Montagne is only covered for 80° of the 90°, so coordinate with an ally to shoot from both sides to shoot him from the remaining 10° gap.
  • Smoke's Gas Grenades will bypass Montagne's defenses, making Smoke a good counter.
  • Echo can utilize his Yokai's ultrasonic burst to disorient Montagne, causing him to contract his Shield. This gives the Defenders a chance to attack him while he's vulnerable. However, Montagne can resume extending his shield almost immediately, so coordinating the ultrasonic burst with other teammates is key.
  • Like other Shield Operators, Montagne is noisier than regular Heavy Armored Operators. This will be detrimental to him if a hiding Defender, especially someone like Caveira, is nearby.
  • If Montagne is alone, Caveira can quite easily sneak up from behind, assuming, of course, he isn't already aware of her presence on the Defending Team.
  • Even with the Shield up, Montagne is still vulnerable to gadgets such as Frost's Welcome Mats and Bandit's Electrical Devices, becoming downed or electrified respectively.


Unique Gadget
  • Extendable Shield
    "Le Roc" Extendable Shield

Loadout Description

Le Roc was first issued in the late 1980s. A composite of reinforced alloys and Kevlar, its sturdiness and well-designed collapsible feature has made it a staple in GIGN operations for nearly thirty years.

Touré’s shield is the only original Le Roc still in service. Though it has seen its fair share of conflict, the device has become an extension of Touré, having saved his life and members of his team on multiple occasions. It will most likely remain on active duty until Touré retires.


  • "Be ready for anything."
  • "I'll take point!"
  • "Stay calm, I'll be there."
Using Extendable Shield
  • "Let's proceed slowly!"
  • "Stay close behind me!"
  • "Let's push forward!"
  • "Stay behind me!"


  • Montagne, in French, translates to "Mountain."
  • A personnel file on a GIGN Operator containing descriptions that fit Montagne (specifically his involvement with 1994 French Airline hijacking) can be seen for a quick moment in 1:14 of the White Masks Reveal trailer at E3 2015.

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile MONTAGNE-006:15

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile MONTAGNE-0

Patch Changes

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