"For most people I'm a relief. But for you, I'll be a nightmare."
— Mira

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Velvet Shell MIRA Teaser00:13

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Velvet Shell MIRA Teaser

Elena "Mira" María Álvarez is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, first teased in the Operation Red Crow Mid-Season Reinforcements website, and later officially introduced in the Operation Velvet Shell expansion as playable character alongside Jackal.[1][2]


Working alongside her father in his mechanics store from a young age, Álvarez can find the weaker spot on any machinery and turn it into an edge. She joined the police force Cuerpo Nacional de Policía so that she could be of service to those in need of protection, and thus serve her country.

Proving to have stellar strength, endurance and knowledge of vehicles sparked her progress in the ballistic field. She joined the Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO) to develop and test bulletproof materials on the field as well as enhancing bridging vehicles.[3]

Psychological Profile

Abandoned by her mother at birth, she was raised by her father in Madrid. Being an only child, she found her purpose working for the family business.[4]

Gameplay Description

  • Mira's Black Mirrors are specialized reinforced breaches that are immune to oncoming fire and can allow her team to safely observe an Attacking operator without risk.
  • Keep in mind that these gadgets are a double-edged sword. Once the pressurized canister is destroyed, the protective glass will shatter and turn into a murder hole for both sides to use.
  • The Black Mirrors can be attached either at crouch level or chest level on walls, regardless whether or not they're reinforced. It's recommended, however, to use them on Reinforced walls, as regular walls can be shot through, and using them on regular walls creates a risk as Ash can completely destroy both the wall and the Black Mirror by firing a breaching round on the Black Mirror, something that cannot happen if it is deployed on a reinforced wall.
  • The Black Mirrors can only be attached to the deployment side of the reinforced walls.
  • If an unreinforced wall has a Black Mirror on it, it can no longer be reinforced.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Mira Icon

Black Mirror x 2

"Deploys a one-way bulletproof mirror on breakable and reinforced walls. Also can be ejected to create a murder hole."
— Black Mirror Description

Álvarez came up with the idea for Black Mirror during Operation Blue Orion, when she was forced to improvise a panic room at the Embassy of Spain in Tel Aviv. She used this experience to design a specialized laminated glass, which when deployed with oxyacetylene can carve out a one-way mirror on any wall. If the air pressure is disrupted, however, the glass is ejected and creates a daring opening for both defenders and attackers.


Mira's Quotes
Teaser Trailer
  • "Déjame ver tus caras bonitas."
Velvet Shell Trailer
  • "Ahora me ves, ahora no me ves."
  • "Enemigo recargando."
  • "For most people I’m a relief. But for you, I’ll be a nightmare."
  • "I'd let you finish, but I really don't want to."
  • "Whatever happens, I'm not waiting for you."
Using Black Mirror
  • "Calibrating air compression... All set."
  • "Gotta love the view."
  • "Let me have a look at you capullos."
  • "Now you see me, now you won't."
  • "Time for some home improvement."
Breaking Air Pressure
  • "Get ready, I'm taking it down."
Using Nitro Cell

"Deploying Nitro Cell!"

  • "Changing mags!"
  • "Loading full magazine!"

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- Operator Profile - MIRA12:14

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- Operator Profile - MIRA


  • Mira's original name was Elena Álvarez Del Manzano. This later changed to Elena María Álvarez. The original name is still used in some official materials.[5]
  • According to the Notes section of her in-game biography, she has a rivalry with Operator Eliza Cohen following Operation Blue Orion.
  • Mira means "look" in Spanish, which reflects on her ability.
  • As described by the Operation Red Crow official Mid-Season Reinforcements page, Mira was the lead engineer that led the creation of a specialised ballistic shield for Operator Alexsandr Senaviev.

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