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  • Hey Aljohn. I want you to ask on question. Is there already a german translation for this wiki? When not, can I open a new wiki with the same content like here?

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  • Hey, I noticed that Maesto and Alibi's infobox list their date and month of birth alongside their age, as opposed to their date, month, and year of birth. You think all the other operator infoboxes should be updated to show their age, align Alibi and Maestro with the rest of them, or maybe both?

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  • Not that I want to be rude (I don't mean any offense), but why did you choose to sysop protect Alibi and the Operation Para Bellum page? There are no leaks as I see of. Just wanted to check with you.

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    • These pages, given the time frame, are very suceptible to change. In an act of preemptively protecting pages from leaks to begin with until they’re officially released. The original image was from said leak, so that had to go. The Para Bellum page also revealed the Operator names before they were officially revealed, so that also had to go.

      It's for legal reasons that we won't tolerate leaks and they also might showcase misinformation down the line, no matter how obvious it may appear to be.

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    • Okay, sorry to bother you, just asking.

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    • Now that they have been revealed it might be a good idea to un-protect them and allow some additions. There seems to be an upcoming ubi blog video currently being shown in From the video, it seems that Maestro has a rotatable bulletproof cam that shoots tasers (it can apparently cause friendly fire), and Alibi has three holograms ("prisma") that jackal-pings an attacker after being destroyed or fired on.

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    • Oh, the video is now officially up at


      • Has some "evil eyes"
      • Eyes are bulletproof cams with lasers, but are immune to melee
      • You can scan with these things
      • Can be temporarily disabled by twitch or thatcher
      • Can be destroyed by explosives or by destroying the surface it is put on (with a sledgehammer, e.g.)
      • Lasers eventually overheat (like infinite ammo LMGs in some games)
      • Using the laser requires retracting the bulletproof shroud


      • Has three prismas
      • Prismas are throwable gadgets that deploys on the floor when there is enough space
      • When there is enough space above a deployed prisma, it projects a hologram of Alibi
      • When an attacker touches or shoots the hologram, they are tracked in a jackal-like way.
      • The holograms flash blue when shot or touched.
      • It is safe to shoot the prisma projectors/base themselves. Doing so destroys it without being detected.
      • Prismas can be destroyed by twitch drones and EMP grenades too.
      • When Alibi is on the team, defenders detected outside don't expose their identity. Her decoys are also detected like defenders when outside.
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • An easier way to Wpn-nav-ize some pages might be providing a template that links to other sections instead of sub-pages, effectively replacing the table of contents (you can turn it off with __NOTOC__).

    So instead of linking to a [[{{#titleparts: {{PAGENAME}} | 1 }}/R6|Rainbow Six]], it links to [[#Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six|Rainbow Six]] on the same page. There also needs to be some manual handling of "current section" styling in the form of

    !!{{#ifeq:{{{roguespear}}}|this|'''Rogue Spear'''|<!--
    -->[[#Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear|Rogue Spear]]}}

    ... that allows passing a |roguespear=this parameter to not make Rogue Spear (the current section) a link.

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    • I’m quite aware of NOTOC and I get the idea... but the entire point of these subpages was to cut down the amount of content per page, especially for weapons that are in many of the franchise’s games.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Special:Diff/45099 created a lot of empty space between patch entries by injecting empty paragraphs between list entries.

    The segment below

    * {{Patch|a|alfa}}
    * {{Patch|b|bravo}}

    was supposed to generate

    * '''a''' '''Patch:''' ''alfa''
    * '''b''' '''Patch:''' ''bravo''

    but now generates

    * '''a''' '''Patch:''' ''alfa''
    * '''b''' '''Patch:''' ''bravo''

    which results in a lot of empty space being inserted in between. I have fixed this issue in the lastest edit by commenting the empty lines out, so that the source can look good without inserting empty lines into the expanded code. (Alternatively, <onlyinclude> can be a good solution too...)

    Please be a bit more careful with those empty lines!

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  • As a MediaWiki and HTML pedant I must disagree with you on the choice of tags. :* is a combination of : (definition body, or general indentation as in discussion use) and * (bullet), while ** correctly lists a sub-list under a list.

    When :* is placed in a list, the unordered list – <ul> in HTML speak – is cut into two parts, separated by a <dd> (definition part of definiton) that simply should not be there semantically. The original list item (li in HTML) also terminates prematurely. I would imagine that such mismatch will cause problems to our future robot overlords and people relying on voice synthesis.

    If you want to increase the spacing between secondary lists and their parent, you can edit MediaWiki:Common.css to add some margin above and below a <ul> that is put in another <ul>. This is done by doing:

    /* Nested lists -- make room, make room! */
    ul ul, ol ol, ul ol, ol ul {
        margin-top: 5pt;
        margin-bottom: 5pt;
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    • I’ve been using the former for a long time now, so it’s not as if haven’t considered changing. Although, I will implement that code into the MediaWiki, now that you mention it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • For Dokkaebi spawning quotes, I believe it is her when she says: "Is this going to be long"

    At 15:57

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  • Stupid question: where to find the gallery? It always was in same page as operators with CTU, like this > . Why was it changed?

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  • ​​​​​It needs correction:

    "Ppeondegi ap-eseo juleum jabjima." (Hangeul: 뻔데기 앞에서 주름 잡지마.) = spacing issues

    And I like to put one comment about Vigil. His family name "Hwa" (화 in Korean; 花 or 化 in Chinese+) is an extremely rare family name in Korea. This might suspect his non-Korean origin. This paints him more like a Southeast Asian refugee living in Korea.

    Unfortunately, I cannot edit pages here. So I think you can edit it.

    + Korean family names are also represented in Chinese characters

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  • Sorry for removing the stub and under construction thing, but I believe you should consider them to be done. I understand the carbon copy thing, but I did my best to change casual for the best, and I think they were good enough. I do believe though that you should consider them both to be completed, they are just short articles. Just because something is short and sweet, doesn't mean it needs expansion. Please consider my thoughts, I am leaving them as is, but I believe we have added all the relevant information.

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