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Newspaper is a feature in the first Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six that shows the Rainbow operations by the eyes of the reporters.

The News

During the game campaign, some levels will display a news showing the operations results, when the level is successful completed.

Here are the news transcripts by level:

Cold Thunder

LONDON, ENGLAND (United News International) - British government forces ended a tense stand-off yesterday when they stormed the Belgian embassy in central London, killing all members of a neo-Nazi organization who had occupied the building since early Monday morning. According to police spokesman Nigel Fellows, all hostages were released safely, including Giles Doucet, the Belgian ambassador.

Members of the group "Free Europe" masqueraded as employees of a catering company to gain access to the compound. The attack was staged on the 8th anniversary of the founding of the European Union, and authorities have linked the group to the radical anti-Union underground. According to officer Fellows the police had hoped to bring the situation to a peaceful conclusion but were forced to take drastic action when it appeared that the hostages were in imminent danger.

TCRS Embassy Rescue

The newspaper section of the first level