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Kure Galanos is a Greek Rainbow operative.


Born in Nicosia, Cyprus. Galanos was thrust into the ethnic tensions on Cyprus from an early age, when her family lost their homes during widespread clashes between Turkish and Greek rioters. The Galanos family, while never physically harmed by the tensions, continued to suffer difficult times for many years due to the unrest. Eventually they fled the city, and Galanos' father, an ex-ELDYK sniper, taught her his trade in extended hunting trips through the center of the island. Galanos attempted to join the Greek MYK force, but was denied due to her gender. Instead, she joined the civilian police force and quickly rose to prominence as a sniper with a reputation for precise shooting in less than optimal conditions. Galanos is, at times, a sheer force of nature. What she cannot achieve by skill alone, she often completes by force of will. Teammates often claim her piercing gaze does more damage than her bullets. She displays no antipathy towards Turks, or indeed any other nationality or criminal. She treats assignments as problems to be solved, and solves them with a single, clean trigger pull.

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