"Sets booby traps on windows and door frames."
— EDD MK II Description

Rainbow Six Siege Kapkan Operator Video00:31

Rainbow Six Siege Kapkan Operator Video

Maxim "Kapkan" Basuda (Russian: Максим Басудa) is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. A Heavy Armored Operator, Kapkan's unique gadget is three EDD MKII tripwires that he can set which will detonate when enemies make contact.


Born and raised in Kovrov, Basuda is the eldest of three sons of parents who were factory workers. Hoping to escape a grueling life in the factory, he enlisted with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was sent to Naryan-Mar, a small sea and river port town on the Barents Sea. Basuda became an avid hunter and trapper during his time in the Arctic Circle, before being transferred to Beslan in 2002.

Psychological Profile

Basuda is a self-sufficient realist. He has seen the harsh reality of the world and does not allow that to hinder his ability to act. He's fascinated by psychology; what allows one creature to become a hunter and the other prey.

Gameplay Description

  • Kapkan can deploy his homemade Entry Denial Devices on doorways and windows. Upon detonating, most enemies in the explosive radius will suffer heavy damage, if not killed outright. It is advised to set the traps away from any areas of interest as it will also destroy any barricades, surrounding structures, or may injure nearby teammates.
  • Kapkan’s EDDs are susceptible to a single shot like any other electronic gadget. They are also vulnerable to Thatcher's EMP Grenades.
  • It is an option to keep the EDDs away from objective locations, as attackers usually enter these areas with explosives, often destroying them. Instead, they should be placed in the entrances to buildings, where attackers are less likely to suspect traps.
  • Kapkan's EDDs shouldn't be placed at doors which are reinforced with Castle's armor panels, as they are usually breached with explosives which will destroy the trap.


Unique Gadget
  • Entry Denial Device x 3
    EDD MK II Trip Wire

Loadout Description

Kapkan is a very efficient trapper, being capable of placing his traps inside doorways and windows, which will be detonated by enemies going through them. The EDD Mk II can be mounted into windows and door frames. It explodes when enemies enter trapped entryways, projecting shrapnel at anyone located in the device’s blast radius.

This lightweight mine design comes with a long screw to embed the device in door and window frames. The EDD Mk II utilizes a packed C4 charge to propel an assortment of screws held in stasis by a silicon pad. The EDD Mk II proves necessity is the mother of invention.


Kapkan's Quotes
Operator Video
  • "These soldiers think their training will keep them alive. They break down doors and come through windows, weapons drawn. But it's too late. They forgot the first rule of survival. A real hunter always watches where he steps."
  • "Mind your step."
  • "Remain on target at all times."
Using Entry Denial Device
  • Ambush set! Stay clear!"
  • "Device primed, keep an eye on door!"
  • "EDD deployed! Stand clear of window!"
  • "EDD mounted! Let them come!"
  • "EDD primed! Stand clear!"
  • "Rappelling hostiles are in for a surprise!"
Scanning Enemies
  • "Target detected!"


  • Kapkan (Russian: Капкан) means "trap" in Russian.
  • Kapkan was one in a hand full of police officers to survive the Beslan School Siege.
  • Kapkan wears a Gorka 4 in SS-Spring pattern with a Gearcraft Viper Hood and a Fort Defender 2 Low Profile body armour with an SSO/SPOSN Avizent Smersh AK over it.

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile Kapkan-005:45

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile Kapkan-0

Patch Changes


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