Jungle Light SuitEdit

This uniform is used for jungle operations where high stealth is needed. This jungle camo uniform consists of a lightweight Level IIa tactical vest (which will stop some low powered pistol fire), lightweight form fitting jungle boots, and Nomex/Kevlar gloves.

Jungle Medium SuitEdit

This jungle camo uniform consists of a Level II waist-length tactical vest capable of stopping up to 40. caliber pistol rounds and 9mm small arms fire, this is RAINBOW's standard jungle gears, and also includes jungle boots and Nomex/Kevlar gloves. Usually used in Central, South American and African operations.

Jungle Heavy SuitEdit

This bulky jungle camo uniform is made of Level III body armor, camo boots and Nomex/Kevlar gloves. It is slighty hotter and heavier than the other jungle camo uniforms, but has a lot more protection and is capable of stopping most small arms fire except those from the higher powered rifles.

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