John Brightling
TCRS John BrightLing 2
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Born 1944
Birth place Baltimore, Maryland
Affiliation Horizon Corporation
Phoenix Group
Global Security
Occupation CEO of Horizon Corporation
Appearances Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

John Brightling was the CEO of Horizon Corporation and the main antagonist of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. He planned to unleash a virus on the world that would cause the extinction of the human race and sparing only the chosen few who would follow him to help rebuild the planet into a pollution free zone.


Founder and CEO of Horizon Corporation. Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1944. BS Chemistry, Cornell University, 1965. PhD Molecular Biology, University of Virginia, 1970. MD, University of Virginia, 1974. Founded Horizon Corporation, 1979. One of the world's leading experts in recombinant DNA technology. Known in the industry for his unorthodox management style and strong political views. Since the 1970's he had been closely involved with a number of environmental issues, making sizable personal contributions to groups such as Trees Unlimited and International Wildlife Rescue. Unmarried.

Brightling is highly intelligent and extremely driven. He has a strong sense of honor and has several times refused to pursue profitable business opportunities that were at odds with his environmentalist principles.