General Hector Sixto
Hector Sixto
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of Bolivia Bolivian
Born 1951
Birth place La Paz, Bolivia
Affiliation Bolivian Army
Appearances Rainbow Six: Covert Operations

Bolivian General. Born in La Paz, 1951. The son of a tavern owner, Sixto enjoyed a middle-class upbringing in a time where the majority of his countrymen were living in abject poverty. Commissioned an officer in the Army in 1971. Rose rapidly through the ranks, achieving Colonel by 1984. Spent the next decade largely abroad, as an advisor, student, or attaché. Promoted to General in 1994 with a change in the government; became ranking General of the Army in 1998. Considered a dedicated foe of the drug cartels; worked closely with his Colombian counterpart.

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