Fred Franklin
Biographical information
Affiliation RAINBOW Rainbow
Rank Lt1st Lieutenant
Specialty Sniper
Appearances The End Begins: Rainbow Six
"You went after Dieter in Morocco, even when you were told to to stand down."
"Yeah. We did. On SIX’s orders. Think about it."
— Keller and Franklin

Fred Franklin is a long-time member of Rainbow. He served with the team during the Phoenix Group operation and the operation to rescue Dieter Weber from terrorists. In 2019, he was a Lieutenant and the senior sniper in Logan Keller's Team One. He questioned Keller's order to go through with the operation after they received the order to stand down. In the end the team executes the ambush of Takfir's trucks.


He was said to take part in the China-Russian war in The Bear and the Dragon, which is only part of the Ryanverse.