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"Hovering drone that releases disorienting sonic bursts. Yokai also transmits a video feed to the Operator."
— Yokai Description

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Echo Operator00:15

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Echo Operator

Masaru "Echo" Enatsu (Japanese: 江夏 優[1], Enatsu Masaru) is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Red Crow expansion alongside Hibana. A Heavy Armored Operator, Echo's unique gadget is a hovering drone known as Yokai, which can stick to flat surfaces on a ceiling and cloak, as well as emit ultrasonic bursts that can disorient the enemy.[2]


Masaru Enatsu grew up in Suginami City, Tokyo. This heavily populated city center is home to several animation studios and technology companies. At 16 years old, Enatsu was already challenging the robotics field by creating autonomous flying robots capable of search-and-rescue missions in highly difficult conditions. Two years later, he won the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) and is known as having pushed the limits of what flying robots could accomplish.

Enatsu was noticed by the National Police Security Bureau during his studies in Science and Engineering at the Tokyo Metropolitan University. Enticed to test his devices on the field, he entered the National Police Academy. A year later, he joined the Tokyo Metropolitan, Police Department Special Unit.

Efficiency-obsessed and blunt, Enatsu is a talented officer despite his apathetic nature. In the wake of Nagoya's hostage crisis in 2007, Enatsu decided to transfer to the Aichi Prefectural Police Department Special Unit.

Psychological Profile

Singularly focused, Enatsu's blunt communication style divides group harmony. His tendency to dismiss feedback has kept him from advancing to a higher rank.

Gameplay Description

  • Echo is a difficult Operator to use due to his Yokai drone being unable to scan enemies like regular cameras and Valkyrie's Black Eyes. He is, however, capable of halting the advance of Attackers from rushing towards the objective as Yokai's ultrasonic burst will negatively affect their ability to aim accurately, respond to threats and move.
  • Yokai's camera feed can only be used by Echo (or to Echo's player in support mode after Echo has died).
  • In comparison to normal cameras, Yokai's camera feed has a heavy green tint when active, slightly hindering visibility. Despite what it may seem, it does not offer any night vision.
  • The feed for the Yokai drone is identified as a dark red dot on the camera selection HUD.
  • Yokai moves at a speed similar to the other drones in the game. Similarly to the Shock Drones, it is unable to jump in an arc. However, it is able to jump vertically. If it successfully attaches to a flat surface within its jump, it will remain in place and its stationary mode will activate.
  • When in its stationary mode, Yokai will engage an active cloaking system which makes it much more difficult to spot. It is able in this mode to shoot a sonic blast at operators which will heavily distort their vision and sound.
  • The cloaking effect has a very small pulsing effect, making it possible for a keen-eyed player to spot it.
  • Yokai has three ultrasonic charges with the ability to recharge innumerable times, meaning that Echo can harass the Attacking team but will have to be frugal with their use as it takes a while before another. These ultrasonic charges can affect teammates.
  • The ultrasonic bursts will disorient the targets if it hits any part of their body.
  • When disoriented, the target's vision will be distorted with a shaking afterimage, darkened peripherals, and scattered dots of light, while also temporarily muting their audio. The effects fully recovers at around 10 seconds. Moving when disoriented will worsen the effects of the distortion, cause uncontrollable left and right screen bobs, and lengthen the recovery time to up to around 18 seconds.
  • The ultrasonic bursts cancels most actions that its targets are performing when hit, such as Thermite deploying an Exothermic Charge or an Attacker planting a defuser in Bomb. A Montagne extending his shield will retract his shield if he is blasted. One notable action that it cannot cancel is pulling the needle from Lesion's Gu mines.
  • Using the ultrasonic burst briefly shuts down Yokai's cloak, giving nearby Attackers a brief glimpse to find its location.
  • The ultrasonic bursts can destroy glass and the breach charges attached on them.
  • Disoriented characters are visually identifiable by them clutching their head with their left hand.
  • Echo can be easily ambushed if they're still using the Yokai Drone, so it is a good idea to stay away from the objective area or find a spot to hide where attackers will be less likely too find you.
  • Yokai, despite being a remote electronic gadget, reacts similarly to Pulse's Cardiac Sensor when affected by Thatcher's EMP Grenades, unable to be used for a period of time before reactivating.
  • IQ is detrimental to Yokai's survivability rate due to her ability to detect electronic gadgets, including itself, even when cloaked. If she is in the Attacking side, it's recommended to find her and kill as quickly as possible, because as soon as Yokai is destroyed, Echo's ability to aid the Defenders is crippled.
  • The Yokai will lose signal and deactivate if it moves outside the defender area and stays outside for more than 3 seconds. Echo can recover it by running outside to pick it back up, but at the expected risk of being detected by Attackers.


Unique Gadget
  • Yokai x 1
    Yokai Drone

Loadout Description

Wanting to circumvent ranged weapon limitations, Echo crafted Yokai, an unmanned hovering vehicle. Equipped with an acoustic hailing device, this signature drone can fire ultrasonic bursts that disorient all targets in a given perimeter. Yokai also transmits a video feed to Echo, who keeps his immediate perimeter secure.


Echo's Quotes
Operator Preview Trailer
  • "機械の方が優秀なんだから、使わない手はない。" ("Why do it yourself when a robot can do it better.")
Operation Red Crow Trailer
  • "何でも分かったつもりか?" ("Do you think you know anything?")
  • "No comment."
Using Yokai
  • "Deploying Yokai!"
  • "Enough prancing around. Time to take them down."
  • "I'll just relax here, and let Yokai do the rest."
  • "I'm going to drone this part."
  • "I'm going to lie down for a bit. Yokai can take care of them."
  • "I'm just going to drone this."
  • "Remember folks: Efficiency is clever laziness."
  • "Time to be efficient, and kinda lazy."
  • "What a drag, Yokai can handle this."
  • "Why do it yourself when robots do it better."
  • "Yokai can handle this."
  • "Wall reinforced!"
  • "Wall secure!"
  • "Barricade set!"
Using Barbed Wire
  • "Razor wire in position."
  • "Loading new magazine!"
  • "Reload!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Swapping mags!"
  • "I got you."

Gameplay Videos

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- Operator Profile- ECHO12:50

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- Operator Profile- ECHO


  • The name of Echo's Drone, Yokai, (Japanese: 妖怪) refers to the supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore.
  • Echo's codename also refers to Yokai's ability to send ultrasonic bursts.
  • Echo has the surname 田波 (Tanami) written on his battledress.
  • The top of Yokai is marked with the characters "重心操作" and "速度制御", which mean "Center of Gravity Control" and "Speed Control" respectively.
  • Echo was in a year-long relationship with the SDU operator Ying. [3]
  • Unlike other operators, Echo uses his wrist-mounted feed to view all camera feeds instead of a PDA.

Patch Changes


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