The Drone is a vital piece of equipment featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that is at the disposal of every Attacking operative (bar Twitch, who has her own special drone). Its use as an Intel gathering device is unparalleled, allowing the attackers to identify the location they need to strike, identify enemy combatants, and giving up to date information on the whereabouts of the defenders. They can be destroyed with one well-placed shot either by the Attackers or Defenders.

Gameplay Description

Drones are small twin wheeled robots that are controlled by an Attacking operative. Each attacker has two drones, the first of which is automatically used during the preparation phase. During the phase, Attackers have 45 seconds to find the objective/s, identify Defenders, and find a suitable spot to leave their drones for further use as cameras by either the player or other Attackers. Afterwards, players must manually open the control screen again in order to take control of the drone if it has not already been destroyed.


Aside from finding the objective, it is important for Drones to be used to identify other players as well as finding a spot that provides a good view of the area and will allow players who are viewing through it a viable source of information on the Defenders. Drones are capable of entering buildings either under barricaded or open doorways or through small vents scattered around each map. While the drone is capable of spotting and revealing the location of any Defenders that come within view, it may be wiser for players to not spot and instead relay information vocally as the Defenders will be notified upon being spotted which may then cause them to enact in a search for any nearby drones and result in the loss of a drone. This also holds true for Surveillance Cameras.

As a result, it may be better for players to hide their drones on higher places so as to reduce the likely hood they will be spotted. This can be done with the drone's ability to jump via spring, which reloads after three seconds. Its ability to jump also allows for it to dodge any incoming fire by the Defenders and to escape quickly.

When not in use, drones remain where they were last left, and may be hard to notice in dark areas. They may also be picked up if found by the operator who owns it. Similar to Surveillance Cameras, they will emit a bright red light when in use, which can be noticed by Defenders if used for an extended amount of time.

The second drone must be thrown forward by the Operator, which can allow it to reach higher places than normal. As with the first drone, the player's body is left helpless while controlling it, allowing for Defenders an opportunity to dispatch them if their location becomes known.


Drones are an extremely valuable tool used be the Attackers to locate the mission objective, identify the Operators used by the Defenders, and ultimately breach the occupied building. As such, they must be one of the Defender's top priorities. Nearby drones make a noticeable sound when moving as well as emit a bright red light, further revealing their location. Upon spotting a Defender, they will be notified of it which should then enact in a search to destroy it as to cut off the source of information to the Attackers.

Mute's Signal Disruptor is effective in disabling Drones that stray too close, making it a good idea to plant them in doorways or vents immediately at the start of the round. If the player is not quick enough, drones can easily slip by and start gathering intel. It should also be of note that the disruptor will indirectly reveal the location of the Defenders to the Attackers who are operating drones. Bandit's shock wire is also effective in destroying drones by laying it on Barbed Wire that is placed in doorways. Drones will also be destroyed if they come too close to reinforced walls that have been laid with shock wire. Defenders should be aware of any drones that are deployed following a breach, meaning an Attacker is most likely close by and is using it to reveal any remaining opponent's locations. If the last remaining Attacker is using this tactic, it can be effective to then rush them before they realize what is going on and end the match.


Patch Changes

  • Update 2.3.0; August 29, 2017 Patch: Attackers can have both of their scouting drones deployed at the same time, and they can switch between the two at will.[1]


  • It uses a type of wheel called a mecanum wheel which can strafe in any direction. However, at least 4 mecanum wheels would be required for it to work in practice.


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