"Your phone is ringing. Here, let me get that for you."
Dokkaebi Operator Video

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - White Noise Dokkaebi Operator

Grace "Dokkaebi" Nam is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation White Noise expansion.[1]


Grace, named for the incomparable actress Grace Kelly, always broke expectations, even when it meant she stuck out somehow. She scavenged or bought spare components to build her own computers. She played soccer with the neighborhood boys and got into fights with them, but it was her sharp tongue that landed her in trouble with her teachers. She looked and acted like a troublemaker, so they tried to force her to conform to expectations. To survive, Grace learned to soften her image, to better play with and manipulate preconceptions; she bought fake glasses and adopted the geek girl persona.

Grace's skills earned a National Scholarship at KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), but after graduating decided to join the Army. Her athleticism and daring paid off, and she was assigned to the ROK Army Special Warfare Command before earning a spot in the 9th Special Forces Brigade known as the Ghosts. Despite her unorthodox behavior within the highly disciplined ROK army, she gained notice for her exemplary tech skills and for being highly adaptable to situations. After Grace participated in joint training with Detachment K Green Berets, the American instructors encouraged her to try out with the 707th Special Mission Battalion: White Tigers.

The White Tigers were a better fit for her skills, but Grace inadvertently butted heads with Major General Kuh, an old guard soldier with political ties all the way up to the Blue House, who followed orders to the letter and expected unflinching loyalty from his subordinates. Kuh made life difficult for Grace, preventing her from exploiting her full potential.

Grace heard about Rainbow during training exercises with the S.A.S., and it sounded like the opportunity she had been seeking... the chance to contribute through her strengths. She knew that Major General Kuh would never put her on the list, so she did what she always did and thought outside of the box.


Now Dokkaebi is a member of Rainbow much to the surprise of Major General Kuh, who is not happy about it. He wants her drummed out of the White Tigers, but Dokkaebi could not be happier. She is among men and women who reward asymmetrical thinking even though she knows she now has a target on her back. More so, she is sure the other ROK operator, Chul Kyung Hwa, is spying on her. She needs to work twice as hard, but Grace feels twice as motivated now.

Psychological Profile

Grace plays with expectation because she wants people to underestimate her, but it is different with Rainbow. Before she knew how to control the situation and was never afraid of failure until the stakes became this critical. Rainbow Six was her most daring stunt and she knows she's alienated herself from the Korean military; any slip up and this point will see her drummed out of the military entirely, and this has added pressure to perform, improve, and succeed.

Gameplay Description

Able to hack into her enemies' com systems at the snap of the finger, Dokkaebi disrupts vision on all defending camera surveillance, but also annoy Defenders in a way we can all relate to: by being called at awkward moments. And once she has attained a phone from any Defender who has died, there is no stopping her from hacking further into the system as she takes over all the surveillance cams for her allies to see.

As Dokkaebi

  • Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb is a device that is used to hack defenders phones and make them vibrate uncontrollably, revealing a Defender's position through their phone.
  • Affected phones will emit a large buzzing sound. Defenders can either choose to let the buzzing keep going or take a few seconds to turn it off.
  • Due to phones becoming inaccessible, surveillance cameras will be temporarily blocked. Defenders can still access the cameras but will only see a black screen with a picture of Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb in action.
  • This can only be performed twice per round.
  • Phones will drop from Defenders when Dokkaebi is on the team. Dokkaebi is able to hack these phones in order to grant access of the Defenders' CCTV, including Valkyrie's Black Eyes, to the Attackers.
  • The phones are destructible, meaning that Defenders can manually destroy them to prevent Dokkaebi from hacking into them.
  • Note: Explosives will not destroy the phone along with the Defender. They will drop as normal.
  • Dokkaebi takes time to perform either of the hacking actions, and her laptop obstructs her view. Be wary of this.


  • IQ can aid in searching out any phones dropped for Dokkaebi to hack. She is also able to detect phones through walls while defenders are trying to turn them off.
  • Jackal can track down roamers and isolate them to get a cell phone and use defender cams.


  • Echo is immune to her hacking due to their history of collaboration that has made him familiar with her Logic Bomb, on top of the fact that he uses a dedicated device on his wrist than a phone, so he doesn't drop a phone upon death.
  • His Yokai drone is also unaffected by her CCTV hack.
  • Mute's Signal Disruptor will render all Defenders in its proximity immune to the Logic Bomb when the hacking is initiated. However, it won't remove the effect while it’s occuring.
  • Bandit's Shock Wire will destroy dropped phones, denying Dokkaebi a chance to hack them.
  • Vigil is not immune to the initial hacking of his phone, but he can still remove himself from any hacked camera feed with his ERC-7.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Dokkaebi icon

Logic Bomb x 2
Ballistic Armor Military Laptop

"Uploads a virus that forces enemy devices to emit a loud noise, thereby compromising their position."
— In-game description

Grace utilizes the Ballistic Armor Military Laptop, codenamed Logic Bomb, which she uses to hack enemy PDA tactical devices. The program downloads a virus of her making that can bypass firewalls, turning surrounding devices on and emitting a loud noise to compromise an enemy’s position. The program is short and self-erasing to prevent anyone from unraveling her code and building software to counter Logic Bomb.


  • Dokkaebi (Korean: 도깨비) are supernatural creatures from Korean folklore, which use their powers to interact with humans, either by playing tricks on them or helping them.
  • Dokkaebi uses her tablet instead of a PDA to view drone feeds.
  • When she hacks the defenders' camera feed, she displays the phrase "까불지 마" (Kkabulji ma) in the feed alongside her icon, which translates as "Don't mess with me."


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