Derelict Iron
Location Lipetsk, Russia
Date January 9, 2003
19:30 Hours
Objective Secure ICBM component
Rescue hostages
Neutralize all terrorists
Game Rainbow Six Rogue Spear (GBA)
Next mission Operation: Relentless Lancet
Previous mission Operation: Fraternal Lamp

Derelict Iron is the fourth mission of the Gameboy Advance game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective: 

Control - Russian terrorists have stormed an ex-military Industrial Plant in southern Russia. Some Lithuanian scientists evaluating the status of mothballed arms manufacturing facilities have been taken hostage. Intelligence has reported that the terrorists are trying to acquire a nuclear device, probably an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile component. 

Your mission is to rescue the scientists and secure the ICBM component. The objectives will probably be heavily guarded; Russian intelligence reports multiple well-armed tangos, probably former Russian soldiers. 


John Clark - Russia has its own crack units for these types of incidents but their government is already under international scrutiny for past administration's handling of military surplus items. This is a high-risk situation and they don't want to take the blame if a rescue operation goes sour. Through diplomatic contacts they've agreed to let Rainbow carry out the mission. 

This mission is critical, for keeping technological know-how and hardware out of the wrong hands and for maintaining good relations with the Russians. There's no time to waste team, get ready and good luck. 

Mission success

John Clark - Congratulations, you safely recovered part of a satellite guidance device used in Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Our relationship with the Russian government has greatly improved on account of your success. The Russians have hinted at giving us some crucial information, in exchange for helping them with material that shouldn't have been in a dismantled arms factory.