Deep Magic
Deep Magic
Location San Francisco
Date September 26, 2000
04:00 Hours
Objective Deactivate security
Download files
Get to extraction zone
Game Rainbow Six
Previous mission Operation: Yellow Knife
Next mission Operation: Lone Fox

Deep Magic is the twelfth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

Mission objective: Edit

Horizon Corporation's central computer is located in its headquarters in downtown San Francisco. Your mission is to infiltrate this building, tap into their system, and extract all information about the activities of the Phoenix Group.

Briefing Edit

John Clark - We've got the goods on Anne. Last night we taped her on the phone with John Brightling. Apparently they've been conspiring since the 70's. He's been secretly bankrolling Phoenix while she went underground to run political interference.

The modified Brahma virus is scheduled to be released in four days. We still don't know where or why, but Brightling obviously expects it to produce the pandemic that Catherine predicted.

Anne left this morning for Brazil -- ostensibly to tour several Rainforest 2000 installations, but more likely to go underground before the pandemic starts. We'll deal with her later -- first we need to find out exactly what's locked up in Horizon's central database.

Mission orders Edit


Horizon Corporation has been linked to the Phoenix Group. Horizon's central computer system is believed to contain information about Phoenix's plans to release the Ebola Brahma virus.

The computer system is located at Horizon's headquarters in downtown San Francisco. Access is provided through a terminal in John Brightling's office on the top floor. In order to escape detection, the team must first disable the security cameras in the control room on the floor below. Armed guards patrol both areas.

You will be inserted by helicopter on the roof and extracted the same way. The team must enter and leave the building completely undetected for useful intelligence to be gathered.


Gallery Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission 12 - Operation - Deep Magic05:03

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission 12 - Operation - Deep Magic


PSA to Tour Rainforest
DeepMagic news

VILLA BITTENCOURT, BRAZIL (United News International) - U.S. Presidential Science Advisor Anne Lang arrived in Brazil today to inspect American installations in the Amazon rainforest. During the course of her four-day tour Ms. Lang will visit research stations tun by Echelon Pharmaceuticals, the Arrow Oil Corporation, and the Horizon Corporation. The three companies are all participants in the Rainforest 2000 initiative, an American project to encourage private investment in the Amazon basin. Despite recent rumors of bandit activity in the area, the head of security for Ms. Lang's entourage assured reporters that there was no cause for alarms.

RAINBOW Intelligence Edit

Global Security
Global Security
RAINBOW intelligence has revealed that Phoenix Group operatives have infiltrated Global Security. At this time the extent to which the company has been compromised is unknown. Global employees are providing security services for Horizon Corporation at dozens of different installations around the world, including some (such as the Horizon Ark) which are almost certainly carrying out the Phoenix agenda. Global is also responsible for providing security at the Sydney games, which have been identified as the target of the Brahma pathogen. It must be assumed that Phoenix Group members acting as Global Security agents will carry out the release of the virus.

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