David Newcastle
David Newcastle
Biographical information
Nationality 1024px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British
Nickname "The Copycat"
Born September 17, 1966
Birth place Haxby, Yorkshire
Died August 24, 2004
Death place Athens
Cause of death Killed by Rainbow operative
Appearances Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Black Thorn

David Ian Newcastle was born in Haxby, Yorkshire on September 17, 1966. His father Geoffrey was an accountant, his mother May a homemaker, and they had no other children. The family moved to London in 1974 and remained there until recently. Newcastle was an exceptional student who got top marks in history and mathematics. He also was a standout at football, and at one point had a tryout with the Tranmere Rovers (Fourth Division) squad. School records indicate that he was not well liked, and one of his teachers indicated that he was given a rough time by other students because of his accent, which he made every attempt to cover up. There was no evidence of disciplinary problems, however, or any other red flags.

Instead of going to university, Newcastle chose to join the Metropolitan Police Force. In four years on the force, he was commended several times for bravery, and won three awards for marksmanship. The National Crime Squad took notice and recruited him in 1988. In his stint with them, Newcastle was decorated twice more and demonstrated remarkable bravery and poise under fire. Specializing in hostage situations, he was recommended for promotion twice before the SAS scooped him up for anti-terrorism work.

While Newcastle's record with SAS wasn't quite as spectacular as the one he racked up with the NCS, it's still fairly impressive. Reports indicate that he was under consideration for Rainbow as early as 1999, and that someone in SAS leaked the news to him. From that point on, joining Rainbow became his obsession. Unfortunately, he seems to have gotten a bit overzealous in pursuit of that goal. After a hostage rescue in Gibraltar in 2001, he was put in charge of interrogating the prisoners.

The interrogation proceeded solo and went disastrously. Of the three terrorists, two needed to be hospitalized immediately afterwards, and the third was dead by the time the session ended. Am autopsy turned up ample evidence of brutality on Newcastle's part, including cigarette burns, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. SAS ran a psychiatric profile on him and turned up a borderline psychosis. This scuttled any chances he had to be selected for Rainbow, and took him out of the field with SAS. He apparently didn't take well to the demotion, and was promptly cashiered. After that, he mostly dropped out of sight, though there was one report of him being spotted in Macedonia in late 2002. Since then, there's been no contact, and when questioned his family said that they have not in fact heard from him since he left the SAS.


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