DBNO (Down But Not Out) is a game mechanic in Rainbow Six Siege.


DBNO is a situation in which an operator has lost all 100 points of health but hasn't died. When going below 0 health points (HP) for the first time in a round, players have a 20 HP buffer during which they will enter the DBNO state instead of dying. In this state, the player will slowly bleed to death unless they are revived by a friendly player or hit by a Doc Stim Shot. If the last shot to hit the player causes enough damage to take them beyond the 20 HP buffer, they will skip the DBNO state and die instantly.

During the state of incapacitation, a DBNO player will be unable to stand or defend themselves and have to seek help from teammates before getting damaged again. DBNO players can move by slowly crawling along the floor or they can remain stationary and slow down the bleed out instead.

Headshots will almost always lead to immediate death (skipping DBNO) except if shot by Caveira's Luison, if hit by a weak weapon through multiple walls or when becoming a collateral victim to Glaz's OTs-03.

Each player can only enter the DBNO state once per round. If a player was injured and revived, the next time he/she goes below 0 health points will lead to instant death. Also, players will only enter the DBNO state if at least one of their teammates is still standing. Exceptions to this is Doc who can revive himself, or when one is downed in objective during the Secure Area game mode.

If a DBNO player is manually revived, they will regain 50 HP. If revived by a Stim Shot, their HP goes up to 75.


Unlike other operators the hostage has a slightly higher Health buffer and can go into a DBNO state though it will take longer for the hostage to die since it's a stationary objective meaning it is possible to make the game go into overtime if the hostage is still in DBNO.

However, the DBNO state is skipped if a frag grenade or a headshot is achieved.


  • If in a DBNO state, do not move at all as this will the bleed out effect to tick down at its normal pace.
  • Only move to avoid enemy line of sight or to get closer to a teammate.
  • Remember that DBNO players cannot fend for themselves, meaning they will die if an enemy finds and shoots them.
  • It is still possible to place way points when DBNO, so take advantage of that to mark where the enemy may be.

Gameplay Video

Down But Not Out (DBNO) & the Reset05:09

Down But Not Out (DBNO) & the Reset

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