Cold Dagger
Alpine Village PC
Location Jura Canton, Switzerland
Date December 2, 2005
16:00 Hours
Objective Rescue both hostages
Game Rainbow Six Raven Shield
Next mission Operation: Mountain Watch
Previous mission Operation: Stolen Flame

Operation Cold Dagger is the second mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield.

Mission objective:

Terrorists have taken hostages in the village of Lamoura, Switzerland. Among them are several delegates to the current IMF conference in Geneva. Swiss security forces have sealed off the area in preparation for your arrival. Your mission is to liberate the IMF delegates.


John Clark - Normally we'd leave something like this to the Swiss authorities, but the profile of the hostages is high enough that we've been called in. There were at least five IMF conference delegates present in the village when it was stormed. I say "were" because we don't know how many are left alive. The terrorists hit the local bank first, then rounded up hostages when they realized they were pinned down. They've issued a few demands, but they haven't identified themselves.

Something about all this stinks, but figuring out what is Intel's job, not yours. Yours is to go in there, clear out that village and make sure both the delegates and the locals who've been taken hostage come out in one piece.

Kevin Sweeney - There's something odd about this operation. At first, the terrorists seemed unaware of the identity of their captives, as though they'd been planning to hit the town anyway and the presence of the IMF officials was a lucky accident. Apparently the delegates were taking a day's ski trip away from the conference in Geneva. They'd have been better off if they'd kept their minds on business. Still, there's something here that doesn't make any sense. There's certainly nothing else in Lamoura worth mounting an operation like this over.

Mission orders

Your mission is to liberate the IMF delegates. The hostages are being held in two separate places marked on your map and are under heavy guard. The terrorists have been alerted to police presence and snipers are probably already waiting for you, so watch out for open areas.




Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Raven Shield Mission 02 - Operation - Cold Dagger

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Raven Shield Mission 02 - Operation - Cold Dagger


SWITZERLAND (United News International) - A tense stand-off at an exclusive ski resort in Switzerland ended this evening. Swiss police moved into the village of Lamoura, where terrorists were holding hostage several delegates to the IMF meeting currently going on in Geneva. After a fierce firefight, they were able to subdue the hostage-takers. Police in Lamoura will neither confirm nor deny reports that several of the hostages are still missing. "We are confident this operation has been brought to a successful close, though we regret the loss of life incurred," said police spokesman Henri Schulz. "It is extremely regrettable that these events occurred."

The delegates were in Lamoura for a day's skiing holiday while taking a break from the IMF summit, an event which has been marked by some massive, but thus-far non-violent protests. IMF spokesman Oliver Clayton called the incident "extremely embarrassing" and promised beefed-up security for the remainder of the conference.