• Ezioprez9709

    So, now that I am new here, I should make the most of it! Hopefully I enjoy my time here.

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  • TheTripleEye

    I won't be editing too much on this wiki. Also can't wait for more details on Patriots.

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  • Soldierscuzzy

    Game Informer reports that there will be a new Rainbow 6 game coming out in 2013. Dubbed "Rainbow 6 Patriots," the game will center around a homegrown terrorist organization, called the True Patriots, and their hopes to restore their interpretation of American values by beheading corporate America and overthrowing the government.

    Few details have been released, but Game Informer has released their covers that announce the game. The game looks to take place in New York City, and will feature a multiplayer component that wants to take on Call of Duty and Battlefield.

    The concept video for the game has also been released. This does not show actual gameplay, but it gives you a feel for where Ubisoft Montreal wants to take the title. The video c…

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