• Aljohn Salceda

    Something I think that would best describe the Operators based on their skillset. For context, I'm categorising them on several factors and types:

    • Offence: The Operator is suited for direct combat or damaging the enemy. (e.g. Blackbeard, Buck and Fuze.)
    • Defence: The Operator is suited for primarily protecting allies (e.g. Montagne, Tachanka and Jäger.)
    • Support: The Operator is suited to aiding allies. (e.g. Glaz, Rook and Doc.)
    • Recon: The Operator is primarily meant for information. (e.g. Jackal, Valkyrie and IQ.)
    • Hybrid: The Operator shares traits with other Skill Types.

    • Passive: The Operator works with passively aiding the team or creating traps. (e.g. Frost, Jäger and Kapkan.)
    • Active: The Operator is meant to actively aid the team or engage wi…

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  • RebornDan

    Armor and Speed Page

    March 7, 2017 by RebornDan

    I feel like the Armor and Speed isn't providing the best information when I first wrote it in as it doesn't have any calculations about how much damage that operators can resist and how fast they actually move in-game.

    And since we all got some downtime before the next CTU arrives, I was thinking of having User:Aljohn Salceda or User:Awyman13 rewrite the page while adding data about the different armor and speed types because I feel like that page is not giving enough detailed information.

    This thought came into my head when I shot 12 rounds into a frost player at CQB with the PDW thinking I would get a quick kill but turns out he wins the gunfight by only 5 hit points which made me wonder if there is a Damage resistance variable against cer…

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  • MonoliousApocalyse7

    Hello, yes I am back to wikia doing something. I haven't done much so I decided that the best thing to do would be to revamp once a gain my attachment ideas. I have been sitting here doing nothing so I might as well do something. Pls note that some of the attachments are from my 2nd attachment ideas, these are just some more. Anyways let's begin!

    IRNV Scope

    Returns once again except a bit different. The IRNV Scope is a 1x zoom Scope with night vision capabilities. This time the Scope can see through smoke, remote gas and other particle effects. The sight is disrupted by signal jammers and being in gas or smoke while aiming. To counter this problem while aiming pressing the fire mode switch button will switch the sight into a normal sight wi…

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  • Rôdeur Gonflé


    February 22, 2017 by Rôdeur Gonflé

    Hello ! 

    I'm a french fan of Raimbow Six Siège. I decided to creat a Ramibow Six Siege wiki in french. Of curse, it's inspired of your's, which is really detailled. 

    Thank you for the inspiration ! I love this wiki.

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  • Medlone

    Blog 1

    February 4, 2017 by Medlone

    I love Rainbow Six games. And I love the idea of Wiki (free encyclopedia which can be edited by everyone), it's like a manual for the game, but made by players and people who are interested in series.

    But... after browsing other Wikis and looking at this Wiki again - I now understand gripes from other users who came to this Wiki.

    WARNING: Some parts of this blog are literally RANT or ENGRISH. English is not my native language, sorry in advance and thank you for reading.

    To be honest my "main page" is Special:WikiActivity, but for most visitors it's Rainbow Six Wiki for sure. It looks... dated now, believe me. Some people may joke about game still being "beta", but that image in the corner is unnecessary. Slider is outdated too... so, I won't …

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  • Aljohn Salceda

    I feel that, compared to the Symthic aided weapon stats of the Battlefield Wikia, there's not much going on with those in Rainbow Six Siege, or most of them anyway. Here's what I believe will help improve on that.

    Weapon Statistics Add damage values for a weapon's maximum range.
    Add an assumed ROF for Handguns, Marksman Rifles and Shotguns.
    Minor Changes Add the combined amount of Renown needed to fully unlock a weapon's customisation options. VIP amount included as well.
    Use values beyond the game itself, other sources will be helpful. Read more >
  • MonoliousApocalyse7

    Hey ya again, ever heard of that conflict mode I did in one of my blogs? Well anyways I am gonna go a bit more in depth with it. Just to note I will be adding some other things that may not have appeared in the last mention of this but remember, this is supposed to go more in depth.

    Conflict mode has a few changes, besides longer matches it's main primary focus is to have a match with more players and more intense entrances. You will have an option of doing a casual or ranked variant of the mode which will be chosen when you select the option. The difference is that ranked has a ranking system and will have the ranked penalty. After choosing what type of match you can then choose how many players are you up against. A 6v6, 8v8 or a 10v10. D…

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  • KuronoX

    Just read this thread

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  • RebornDan

    Quitting the Multiplayer

    December 16, 2016 by RebornDan

    I had a horrible losing streak against a team of platinums yesterday and it's negatively effecting the way I enjoy playing rainbowsix siege to the point where I considered trying out a different game to just get away from the pro league material bullshit in multiplayer.

    Usually I'm a tough player to kill along with do everything I can to help my team win from sneaking up on players for quick kills or locating enemies on the map so my teammates can prepare themselves for an immenient attack.

    But with these platinum players it's nearly fucking impossible to sneak up on let alone get an successful Assualt on them as they know the damn map too well and somehow have God like accuracy.

    After four matches of this I felt defeated and confused on how …

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  • RebornDan

    Welp, it looks like Rainbow six siege has just rised from the ashes of obscurity and into the lime light after grueling months of criticism that the game has suffered earlier in the year.

    The first year roadmap is complete

    ^^ Yay it seems like everything is going well for rainbow six siege but when we heard about Ubisoft confirming a year two roadmap, honestly I and probably you guys didn't suspect them to add a whole other year of content admittedly I thought they would close shop on year 1.

    But here's the big problem with 8 new operators and 4 new maps is how are they going to make these operators unique from the current year operators.

    Also how on earth would they be able to make maps that will compliment every individual operator because t…

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  • RebornDan

    This seems to be a rather tricky proposition but I was wondering if we can add some gameplay descriptions of all the guns in rainbow six siege since when I look at it I see nothing but just vague details about who could use the gun but not how it plays.

    I Know this is the worst time to be suggesting such a proposal as Ubisoft is trying to damage control the leaked JSAT update, but there will be people who would have no idea on what guns to pick since they are new to the franchise and it would be a shame if they were not informed.

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  • MonoliousApocalyse7

    The Japanese CTU is coming out soon and I decided to try and guess what the weapons will be so let's go. Just saying that some weapons aren't actually used by the actual CTU but we may be running low on weapon ideas so let's go.

    M4A1 Carbine

    This weapon is a unique M4 and is actually not based off the action M4 and is based off an Skelatonized AR-15 design by F-1 Firearms. A lightweight black carbon fibre barrel, red hand guard and body, this is a modded AR-15 that meets the standard requirements. Loaded with Green tip steel cored rounds outta PMAG with the little weird pull out thing that you can do with your finger, the magazine also has a hexagonal pattern on it. The flared magwell helps insert and take out mags quickly. The weapon uses a…

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  • Aljohn Salceda

    Serial Teamkilling

    October 17, 2016 by Aljohn Salceda

    For some reason, there's those one of a kind assholes on Siege that practically relish in Teamkilling for shits and giggles. A term I like to coin as Serial Teamkilling. Let me give you an example. There's this guy, nemesis_prime, who's pretty normal on Multiplayer... But for some reason is a Teamkilling son of a bitch that plays Capitão plagues Terrorist Hunt, where as you now know that bullets, accidental or not, harms you a substantial less. It goes both ways.

    I've had the unfortunate run-in with him. Because of this, I'm more prone to playing in Lone Wolf, and whenever I am playing with Matchmaking, I make it a policy to gun down the next dumbass who thinks they can team kill a guy who's playing a Spetsnaz Recruit with an SASG-12. Serious…

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  • MonoliousApocalyse7

    HEal0 mates, today I'm gonna make a few game mode suggestions and one other thing so enjoy.

    First up Data Retrieval, this mode is simple the attackers have to retrieve a USB stick from a laptop with data of unknown files (nuclear bombs, nano viruses, important officials etc.). While the defenders have to protect the laptop. The laptop is black with a screen full of files and is either on a green metal crate, table/desk, or some other flat surface object. When grabbing the USB stick the attackers must defend that person until they reach evac, if the attacker with the USB stick dies, the other attackers must go to his body and loot the USB off his body. Attackers win if they kill all defenders or get the USB stick and reach the evac zone. Def…

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  • Lockdown14976

    Leaving the Wiki

    September 19, 2016 by Lockdown14976

    Hello everyone, this may or may not come as a shock to some people, but I'm going to be quitting editing on this Wikia since I have high school and I need to focus on my education. Due to this, I don't have the time to edit or add anything to this Wikia. I may come back anonymously or never come back at all, but just to make sure, I am not gonna be here anymore. Since I was a discussion moderator, I would like to see Medlonee be promoted to Discussion Moderator to succeed me. He is a great asset to this Wiki and a great contributer as well. With that being said, goodbye and thanks for everything. Hasta La Vista, Baby.

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  • Medlone

    Useful links:

    • Mid Season Reinforcements - Official Page
    • Skull Rain - Official Page

    New content Skull Rain update (add new content: maps, ops, weapons, attachments, gadgets, features) Done
    Mid Season Reinforcements update (add new content: attachments, gadgets, features) WIP
    • Update original operators' pages with new formatting
    • Update weapons, gadgets and attachments pages
    Special thanks to contributors who applied new formatting to other pages:
    • User:Aljohn_Salceda
    • User:GrimlockWarlock

    Other stuff

    • Dust Line update
    • Black Ice update
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  • MonoliousApocalyse7

    This is the updated and other attachment idea thing and enjoy.

    This is in it's own attachment slot and it's mechanics are simple, reduce vertical and horizontal recoil by 25% at the cost of 2 mobility points. The mindset is simple less recoil but move slower. This attachment is equipable on every weapon except pistols, machine pistols, all shotguns except M590A1, SASG-12, and SPAS-12, and all SMGs.

    Pretty much the opposite of the Recoil Control Stock. Reduced recoil by 25% but increases mobility by 3 points. Available on the UMP-45, 9x19VSN, M12, MP7, PARA-308, MK17 CQB, G36C, 556xi, and 552 Commando.

    A 2.5 magnifying scope with night vision capabilities while aiming the outer area around the scope is blurred. If this is added to the game som…

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  • MonoliousApocalyse7

    Hello everyone and welcome to a bunch of changes I would like. Now this is gonna be pretty long so I might split it into multiple parts or might edit this if there's more that I can think of but anyways I will be splitting each part into categories so enjoy.

    1. On certain maps the hostage can have special models (security guard on bank, presidential person on plane and consulate, a important British soldier on Hereford base etc.)

    2. On hostage, once the attackers have grabbed the hostage once, the defenders can grab the hostage if free and use them as a human shield or move them to a different position that will attempt to struggle free, which the hostage won't break free.

    3. Each mode has a player count so you know how many players are playi…

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  • RebornDan

    Here I am minding my own business as I try to rank in renown on terrorist hunt and the moment the game starts, I get shot up by my own teammate then killed seconds later.

    To make matters worse he doesn't even get kicked for killing a teammate unless the whole squad votes to kick him out or if he kills the hostage.

    Like this is a game that focuses on teamwork as in everybody must get along or at least fucking cooperate for one match because it's absolutely ignorant to let team killing be acceptable in terrorist hunt without giving them a punishment.

    I swear if Ubisoft isn't going to fix this shit then I won't have no choice but to report there account, please just don't do it what are you 12.

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  • Jackoba

    abandon penalty

    August 23, 2016 by Jackoba

    i was playing rainbow six seige when the group of people were talking in game chat and i kindly sent a message to them to keep it down so i could hear the game but i didnt want to mute them in case they called out something. and then when we get into the first match he straight up kills me. it the game chat he was all like "he told me to shut the fuck up!" and by the second round i killed him because im a butthurt little bastard the next round was all out war everyone was shooting at ME and when i died i voted to kick the main person and all his friends kicked me. so im just saying take away the abandon penalty or nerf it atleast because people might be cheating, randomly getting their two friends and randomly kicking people this just suck…

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  • USMClover

    Hi guys, I'm back!

    June 3, 2016 by USMClover

    I've spent a few weeks stressed because of the end of the school year, but I graduated high school! I'll be back on the wiki editing as usual. Just a heads up that I'm back.

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  • GrimlockWarlock

    Hey Guys .. I just wanting to get your feedback on what do you think of the new operators buffs. I'm talking about :

    • Montagne's upgraded extended shield
    • Tachanka's LMG upgrades
    • IQ's gadget upgraded

    I personally think that  Montagne's new shield is great  (Even though I didn't think he needed a buff; People were still playing previously) ! I actually try  to use  Tachanka's LMG in multiplayer now ! But with IQ  I hadn't noticed much different , as the people who I play don't have mics , so her upgraded screen is useless for the team!! (But then again I'm not a IQ player!)

    Anyway those were just  thought on the buffs , want do you guys think about it?

    Siege On!


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  • Medlone

    Useful links:

    • Official "Operation Dust Line" webpage with detailed changelist
    • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dust Line wikia page

    Changelist for wikia:

    • Dust Line content update (Maps, Operators, Weapons) Mostly Done, Needs More Info
    • New operators' loadouts Done
    • New weapons statistics WIP
    • Rebalance WIP
    • New skins and features (headgear, charms)

    I still need to do some Black Ice updates too though.

    Work in progress.

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  • USMClover

    What are your guys thoughts on Dust Line, and the new operators?

    In my opinion, I don't think the addition of the SPAS-12 or the Desert Eagle really fits into R6 Siege. Both weapons are non-conventional and not issued to military ctu's. The SPAS-12 has been out of production since 2000, why do video games still put the weapon into modern war styled games? It doesn't make any sense in my opinion. 

    Although I did feel both weapons could fit into the Vegas series, because it felt like the Bad Company series of Rainbow Six. 

    Give me your thoughts on it. I'm excited for the operators, but not the weapons they hold.

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  • Darkangel12S

    Operator Rankings

    April 7, 2016 by Darkangel12S

    This will take a while but it is going to be good. This is all opinionated and is subject to change.


    1. Thermite
    2. Sledge
    3. Montagne
    4. Fuze
    5. Ash
    6. Blackbeard
    7. Buck
    8. Blitz
    9. IQ
    10. Twitch
    11. Glaz
    12. Thatcher
    13. Recruit


    1. Rook
    2. Valkerie
    3. Doc
    4. Smoke
    5. Bandit
    6. Mute
    7. Jager
    8. Frost
    9. Tachanka
    10. Kapykam
    11. Pulse
    12. Castle
    13. Recruit


    1. Montagne
    2. Sledge
    3. Buck
    4. Blackbeard
    5. Thatcher
    6. Blitz
    7. Fuze
    8. Twitch
    9. IQ
    10. Glaz
    11. Ash
    12. Thermite
    13. Recruit


    1. Bandit
    2. Doc
    3. Rook
    4. Kapykam
    5. Tachanka
    6. Pulse
    7. Castle
    8. Frost
    9. Jager
    10. Valkerie
    11. Smoke
    12. Recruit
    13. Mute

    S A S

    Primary Weapons: 7/10

    Sledge is able to equip the L85 which in my opinion, is a very good gun. His shotgun, however, is the worst shotgun in-game. I personally like the L85 with the holographic sight and the shotgun only in very easy matches. I dislike the ACOG scope. I think that if you want to use an ACOG, yo…

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  • USMClover

    I've recently bought R6V2 yesterday. Will be adding info about weapon subsections soon!

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  • Whitefire1337

    Why did Ubisoft didn't not put Operator videos and catchphrases with the JTF2 operators? Did they forget? or were lazy? I can't believe they did not put Operator videos and catchphrases with the JTF2 operators? You know what I think, I think Ubisoft won't put Operator videos and catchphrases in the 3 other DlC's. Because that's a really stupid. I wanted a new catchphrases!, I wanted to watch the operator videos, but no Ubisoft did not put operator videos and catchphrases with Black Ice!?

    If you want to want Ubisoft to have Catchphrases and Operator videos in there DLC's then #Opcatch

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  • USMClover

    MP5 Cluster page ideas

    March 22, 2016 by USMClover

    Since the MP5 page has become a cluster of variants recently, I'm thinking of ways to simplify the page and cause less confusion. Merging it only made the problem worse so I want to differentiate the variants. Putting about 4 or 5 variants on  one page is absolutely ridiculous. I suggest putting variants like the MP5A2, MP5A4, and MP5N on the generic MP5 page. We can put variants like the MP5SD5 and MP5SD6 on an MP5SD page, and this leaves the MP5/10A2 to have its own separate page. Sound good or? Give me your thougts.

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  • USMClover

    Does the Vegas series actually differentiate suppressors and silencers? Does the game even put a name to them? For simplified reasons, I think we should still stay with Suppressor, but I've never seen any information on this. Even guides don't really mention the suppressors anyways.

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  • Awyman13

    Categories on Pages

    March 9, 2016 by Awyman13

    Im creating blog to explain how categories should be implemented across the Wiki. They allow pages to be grouped together and easier to find as well as improve organization. As such, they have Five simple rules.

    • All Main space pages feature categories, no exceptions
    • Categories must be relevant to the page and what it and other members of that category have in common.
    • All categories themselves must have categories, except the highest ranking of that category system.
    • Categories are to only feature text on them stating "This is an index of [blank] for [game]. They are NOT to be left blank.
    • Keep category clutter off pages if theyre not necessary and do not follow ranking. Vandal categories or unused categories should be marked for deletion

    Here are so…

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  • USMClover

    I found some weapons that were unusable by the player in the games. I will give a list of the weapons, and tell me what to do with them.

    Rainbow Six

    • Mini-Uzi
    • AK-47

    Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

    • Mini-Uzi
    • AK-47
    • Skorpion
    • AKS-74
    • RPD

    Rainbow Six: Lockdown

    • AKMS
    • M1 Super 90
    • M16A2
    • FAL
    • SPAS-12
    • OC-14/M203
    • HK53
    • MP5A4
    • MP5K
    • OICW
    • PSG-1
    • MAC-11
    • AB-10
    • Mini-Uzi
    • PKM
    • Legion Bio-Grenade (500ml of Legion Virus)
    • PP-19 Bizon
    • RPG-7
    • Spectre M4
    • AUG
    • SAR-21
    • TAR-21
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  • USMClover

    Although I have seen other wikis separate weapons based on how they are in Campaign, Multiplayer, (Insert some sort of bot mode whether it be multiplayer bots, terrorist hunt, survival, zombies, etc) I just don't know what to put for the info in them. We all know that Terrorist Hunt in Vegas 1, 2, and Siege is essentially just singleplayer with bots scattered around the map. Weapons don't feel any different in both modes, but ammunition and damage is something to note for both game modes. Any help on how I can make it less cluttered and subjective?

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  • USMClover

    A fix for Vegas 1.

    February 15, 2016 by USMClover

    High-Capacity Mags in Vegas 1 can only be fit on to pistols in-game. We need to fix the wiki stating that pretty much ALL WEAPONS can fit high-capacity mags. Thanks.

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  • Awyman13

    In the coming months, I will be semiactive on the Rainbow Six Wiki as I have been tasked to deploy. Ill still have access to the internet where Ill be at but my activity will become more limited. Don't fret for this will only be the case for a few short months. -- 16:25, February 13, 2016 (UTC)

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  • USMClover

    Let's talk about Siege..

    February 8, 2016 by USMClover

    I've played Rainbow Six Siege extensively over the weekend. I've played on PS4, and I've got to say.. it doesn't live up to the other games. I feel like it wasn't the game loyal fans wanted nor did it live up to the hype it was praised to be. There aren't a lot of tactical shooters anymore, but Ubisoft acted like they wanted to bring back the franchise. There is a TON of crap that brings it down (Online only game, offline situations suck, lack of OFFLINE TERRORIST HUNT, etc.) Although it was a fun game to play, I don't like how Ubi presented it and shoved it out for release.

    Edit: Also, been adding showcases for all weapon lately. I'm really sorry about history clutter on weapon pages. I fail to see small mistakes I manage to miss, and I pu…

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  • Wuzh

    A Formal Apology From Wuzh

    February 8, 2016 by Wuzh

    Recently, I appear to have made a grave mistake in attempting to include all in-game bios for Operators in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. My own ignorance and obsession with perfection made me make a huge mistake, because the wiki's policy on copyrighted information is that they should be rephrased and not included word for word. People once said: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Good intentions do not always bring good results, and such is the situation here.

    Apologies to all efforts to undone my mistakes. Punishments delivered will be taken in and not rejected, and I will use this as an opportunity to remedy my own problems in real life and online. I am a student, and students need to learn from their mistakes and grow th…

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  • USMClover

    After looking through the showcases of the Vegas 1 weapons, I noticed that some of the pistols that were cut from the game actually have a showcase. Even though they were cut before the final product, it seems that the developers had already modeled it, and put in animations but decided to leave it out extremely late in development. Should we put this or no? I know that the devs didn't say anything about this, but I'm not sure if the wiki should put these weapon showcases in.

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  • Medlone

    Black Ice update for wikia

    February 2, 2016 by Medlone

    Here's webpage with detailed changelist

    Changelist for wikia:

    • Thatcher can equip M590A1 now Done
    • Visual representation of armor-speed rating for Operators (for Infobox) Done
    • Content-wise update (Frost, Buck, Yacht pages) WIP
    • Fix weapon damage numbers (all Siege weapon pages needs to be revisited) WIP

    Work in progress. Blog will be updated.

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  • Medlone

    External links:

    In a nutshell: New operators - Frost and Buck, 5 new weapons. Also, possible new title screen.

    Read more >
  • USMClover

    Spotted some new weapons in Siege. This picture was spotted on IMFDB in the talk page for the game. 

    Some of the weapons in here are not in the game. The weapons here appear to be some low detailed AK's (maybe AK-47's, AKM's, or AK-103s), a PP-Bizon, and some low detailed RPG's. Are these weapons worth a mention on the wiki?

    Read more >
  • Lockdown14976

    Happy New Year!

    January 1, 2016 by Lockdown14976

    Happy New Year everyone! I am excited to see what 2016 has in store for us, and what we will see as it goes on. Thank you everybody for being a part of this community and wikia, and I will see you next time. 

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  • USMClover

    New Content!

    December 27, 2015 by USMClover

    I got a picture of some cut weapons from Vegas 1 and 2. Not sure if you guys saw this. It was found among the files of the PC version.

    I'll name them all from left to right:

    P226, UCP, UZI, SR-2M, USAS-12, SAIGA 12-K, MOSSBERG 500 Cruiser, PKM, ULTIMAX 100 MARK 2, M60E3, SIG SG 550 (Some sniper variant of it), and the AS50 (Without a scope for some reason)

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  • USMClover


    December 17, 2015 by USMClover

    Why isn´t the original Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six game under the ¨Other Games¨ section?

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  • USMClover

    Hey again! I'm not dead!

    November 30, 2015 by USMClover

    Hey guys, sorry that I haven't been editing in a while, I've been a little occupied over the break. I'll be back to editing soon! Not sure if anyone reads this anyway, but just a reminder.

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  • Xx MFT xX


    November 29, 2015 by Xx MFT xX

    Hello There!

    My name is JJ or you can call me MFT, I am new to Wikia but I will be making regular changes to the Operator section to make it a more informative and presentable area of information... Thankyou.

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  • USMClover

    Hi there!

    November 16, 2015 by USMClover

    I'm Mike or you can call me Clover, if need be.

    I'm new to the page and I will generally make improvements to the weapons section and other various sections in order to make it more presentable and nicer to read. Thanks!

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  • Bbretterson

    Official Rules for Gold Edition Giveaway.


    2. Promotion Description.

    The Gold Edition Giveaway (the “Promotion") is a sweepstakes promotion where individuals who submit their email address and the correct answer in the Google form provided will be eligible to be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Accounts and blog entries completed from 12:01 on November 12, 2015 to 23:59 on November 25, 2015 (the “Promotion Period”) will be eligible to win one (1) grand prize.

    Three (3) grand prize winners will win the following:

    The Grand Prize: One (1) Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition video game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC.

    3. How To Enter. You will automatically be entered into the Promotion by su…

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  • Bbretterson

    UPDATE: The contest has been extended until 11/25! Submit your response below for your chance to win!

    Last week, Ubisoft unveiled their Year One content plan for Rainbow Six Siege, which will drop new maps, modes, operators, and more for fans to enjoy, all free of charge. Today, they released details about the Season Pass -- available for $29.99 or included as part of the Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition.

    Here’s a video breaking it all down:

    Now for that giveaway: Wikia is giving away the Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition (with Season Pass included!) to 3 lucky fans. All you have to do to enter is watch the video above and answer the following question about it:

    What’s the name of the weapon skin bundle included with the Season Pass?

    Submit your res…

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  • Bbretterson

    Ubisoft just posted an extremely detailed blog post documenting changes being made to Rainbow Six Siege based on data and feedback gathered from the October closed beta. It's also filled with fun little graphics like this:

    The entire blog is well worth a read, as both a document of how the launch version of Rainbow Six Siege will differ from what you've played in the betas and as a glimpse into the game development process in general. Check it out here. 

    Read more >
  • Bbretterson

    Ubisoft just announced their post-launch plans for Rainbow Six Siege, and it looks like fans will be getting a ton of free content delivered over the next year, including:

    • 8 new operators in the first year
    • 4 new maps
    • New weapons, game modes, cosmetic items, and events

    Here's a video explaining their plan:

    Ubisoft breaks it down in more detail in their latest blog post. Check it out!

    Read more >

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