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"Schau hier, Lächele, Warte Auf Blitz!"
— Writing from Blitz's Peak Current Shield Skin.
Rainbow Six Siege Blitz Operator Video00:22

Rainbow Six Siege Blitz Operator Video

Elias "Blitz" Kötz is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. He features a high armor rating but has slow mobility due to solely using the G52-Tactical Shield as his primary weapon. He has a unique ability with the shield being capable of blinding enemies facing the shield, with an effect similar to the Stun Grenade.


A student of Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium, Kötz excelled academically and as a sportsman in the HBG's bilingual program. His imposing physique made him an exceptional athlete, he carried his experience on the field into his military training. His jovial nature and academic background eased the transition from a Schnelle Kräfte soldier in Kosovo to a member of GSG 9. Kötz was integral to establishing an anti-terrorism unit in India following the 2008 attack in Mumbai.

Psychological Profile

Kötz has seen his share of battlefield horrors but is mentally resillient. He uses humor to disarm and as a device to manage stress during operations. He is the first to rush a barricade and is always willing to place the team's safety over his own. Kötz rejects the concept that his deeds are in some way heroic. When faced with overt praise, he will become self-effacing.

Gameplay Description

  • Blitz is a very effective point man: with his Flash Shield, he can blind any target looking at him and in the range of his uni-directional flash, leaving them highly vulnerable to any teammate standing behind him.
  • Blitz features five total flash charges so make sure to use them wisely. Also, as with the standard ballistic shield, keep a distance from your enemies as melee attacks will make you lose your shield stance, leaving you open to enemy fire.
  • If an enemy tries to throw a stun grenade at you, take out your shield and cover yourself: the tinted window on the shield will counter the effect. Support your assault with grenades in your loadout, or give yourself some cover with smoke grenades after you blind the targets.
  • You can still flash your shield while aiming down sights so walking into a room with your sights up, peeking a corner and flashing your shield is an effective method of surprising your enemy, leaving them vulnerable.


Blitz Tactical Shield
Unique Gadget
  • Flash Shield x 5
    G52-Tactical Shield

Loadout Description

Kötz has been a fan of flashbang entry methods since joining the Schnelle Kräfte, preferring to disorient to limit collateral damage, unlike other explosive entry methods. The G52-Tactical Shield allows Kötz to quickly advance after firing a row and remain protected from frontal attacks as he moves to aid teammates or hostages.

Inspired by ballistic shields fashioned with strobe lights, the G52-Tactical Shield takes this technology one step further. By replacing a high-intensity light source with three rows of eight flashbang grenades, the G52 allows for a bold and calculated entrance where the aim is to incapacitate rather than maim potential targets.


Blitz's Quotes
  • "Am I going to have to save all of your asses again?"
  • "Dammit, did anyone remember to bring the ammo?"
  • "Do you think I have time to use the bathroom?"
  • "I hope I don't have to save all your asses again."
  • "If anybody needs to sneeze, do it now!"
  • "Remember. Point your gun at the bad guys!"
  • "Stick behind me and your ugly mug just might live to see another day!"
  • "Looks like you've sprung a leak!"
  • "Let's do something about that boo boo!"


  • Blitz's means "Lightning" in German.
  • The German Word "Lächeln" and a smiley face can be seen painted on his shield in some promotional materials. They are absent in-game.
  • "Lächeln" means "Smile" in German.
  • On February 3rd, 2017, during the live panel of the Rainbow Six Invitational, Blitz's original ability involved spawning during the Preparation Phase. This had been abandoned as it was determined to be game breaking.

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile BLITZ-006:09

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile BLITZ-0


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